Wrappers Bundle Packages Conveniently

Advanced-technology systems can be programmed to handle a wide range of package-wrapping requirements.

A wrapper-bundler features balcony-style construction that keeps work areas separate from the driving parts for the protection of both operators and products. Its design also allows all areas of the machine to be accessed for inspection, cleaning, and fast, easy changeover. The MF910 can overwrap a variety of products with six-sided wraps made of such heat-sealing films as cellophane, polypropylene, and PVC. The unit accommodates packages as large as 250 x 150 x 250 mm at speeds up to 40 bundles per minute. Brushless servomotor technology enables each system movement to be programmed in accordance with the requirements of specific jobs, which the operator can do at an eye-level panel. Marchesini Packaging, West Caldwell, NJ.

An automatic wrapper is designed to be cost-effective and easy to use. Mechanical film grippers ensure positive control over very thin film for a high-quality wrap in all conditions. The film roll is positioned for easy accommodation of film roll trimming, a tear strip applicator, or a photocell for printed film registration. The Bergami CM40 wrapper is available with bottom sealing and transverse sealing. Changeovers can be accomplished in eight minutes. Customers' needs can be met with a simple in-feed system or product collation. ESS Packaging Machinery Inc., Roseto, PA.

An overwrapper is designed to fully overwrap collations, single cartons, or trays with heat-sealable material such as polypropylene, cellophane, PVC, or paper. The Pewo-fold can also be used to apply a band only. The machine features wear-free, noncoated sealing tools, precise temperature regulation via electronic control, and convenient placement of all operating functions at one level. Because all changes are achieved by means of handwheels from the operator's side of the wrapper, changeover time is minimized. System accessories include tape-tearing and perforating devices, register control for printed film, and infeed conveyors in various lengths and configurations, arranged in-line or at 90°. Pester USA, Allendale, NJ.

A space-saving wrapper is designed to operate in tight, restricted spaces, even when used on high-capacity pharmaceutical production lines. The Penta automatic overwrapping machine is equipped to wrap square-shaped single or multiple products using a wide range of wrapping materials. Its film-pulling device with nonforming rollers allows for effective overwrapping even with very thin heat-sealing and thermo-adhesive materials. In addition to a compact footprint, the Penta offers operators quick changeovers. The unit requires only minimal maintenance, according to the manufacturer. PRB USA Inc., Fairfield, NJ.

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