Why Is Your Company Not Using or Not Considering Security Packaging Technology?

• Our position is that we will familiarize ourselves with the technologies, but not implement until we sense the need to do so.

• I do not feel our product line needs security enhancements.

• I’m not informed from that department that it is considered at this moment.

• We have had no problems in shipping in the past.

• Not our current market focus.

• Not required.

• Our product is medical device packaging and not considered sensitive.

• Security not required.

• To date for our medical devices, counterfeiting, tampering, etc., has not been a serious threat.

• We have basic safety seals on our products; this is enough.

• We manufacture hospital disposables, and such technology is deemed inappropriate at this time.

• We only have one drug, and it is comes in an ampule.

• We will be handling a device and not the medication.

Selected verbatim responses to PMP News’s 2006 Security Survey.

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