When Brilliance Matters

Tube manufacturer Plastube has invested in material and printing innovations to make your tubes stand out.

by Michel Lepage, Operations Manager

Recent innovations from Plastube, a manufacturer of tubes for more than 45 years, have focused on enhancing tube designs. Designers have worked closely with customers to meet their expectations and satisfy special requests.

Several years ago, Plastube launched the Polyfoil structure. Featuring innovation in the tube sidewall, the aluminum foil layer in the structure permits a shiny metallic effect that cannot be achieved by any other process. These Polyfoil tubes can be decorated with offset or silkscreen printing as well as with hot stamping.

On the offset side, Plastube has acquired a new eight-color offset press with a feature that allows us to lay down the first color and cure it before applying the seven other colors. Able to print a white undercoat if needed, this new press gives Plastube the ability to compete with the label industry, especially with tubes that feature a clear sidewall. By laying down and curing the first color, a superior opacity can be achieved. Aiming to replace a label with direct printing, Plastube has the equipment to duplicate most artwork that used to be achievable only with labels.

In the silkscreen department, a number of new innovative projects were commercialized this year. First, a new silver ink was developed. This new ink is so shiny that many customers have decided to transfer hot stamp to this new product. This option reduces the unit cost without sacrificing appearance.

In response to a customer request, Plastube developed a new raised silkscreen ink to offer a tactile effect. In the past, we were limited to a maximum lay down of 30 µm. With today’s technology, we can go over 100 µm. Be on the lookout for these amazing new tubes.

The Plastube team is now working on new projects that will be introduced in early 2010. ■

Published in Tube News, January 2010

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