WestPack Growth Continues

Double the size of last year’s show, WestPack brings super-sized solutions to the West Coast.


WestPack is once again colocated with MD&M West at the Anaheim Convention Center (Anaheim, CA), bringing attendees a wide range of packaging options.

The show, which takes place January 10–12, features a wide range of machinery and components, closures, containers, materials, and services to meet every packaging challenge.

The Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Packaging Pavilion, sponsored by Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, offers specialty equipment and supplies for the pharmaceutical industry, plus everything needed to package vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Attendees who are interested in packaging for the medical industry will also find a special-product pavilion at MD&M West. The MedPak Pavilion features fillers, thermoformers, labeling and printing equipment, flexible pouches, barrier films, and more.

MD&M West also offers conference sessions geared to packagers. A track on validation and compliance takes place on January 10 and 11. In addition, an engineering track offers topics such as “How Package Engineers Can Help Medical Device Development,” “Packaging for Drug Device Combinations,” and “Design Basics: Thermoform Trays for Medical Packages.” The conference will also feature a three-hour session titled “Medical Packaging Update: Packaging Design.”

For more information or to register for the shows, call 310/445-4200, or visit www.canontradeshows.com.

Exhibitor Products

Pouch Machine

A machine automates the opening, filling, and sealing of chevron peel pouches-on-a-roll for packaged medical devices. Any material manufactured by current validated vendors can be used. No bag perforations are needed, so there is no foreign material concern. Printing options include one- color thermal-transfer or a print-and-apply labeler to add lot codes, bar codes, and symbols. The machine’s 2 ¥ 3-ft footprint makes for easy installation in valuable cleanroom space. Pouch sizes up to 10 ¥ 24 in. can be used. Validation ports for seal temperature, dwell, and pressure are included. PurePouch, Minneapolis, MN; 763/444-4747; www.purepouch.com. MD&M West, Booth #657


An ISO 9001:2000–certified custom thermoformer designs and manufactures rigid plastic medical trays. The company’s award-winning and innovative packaging solutions are complemented by an in-house design staff, as well as engineering and production tooling capabilities. Headquartered in Janesville, WI, with additional facilities in Arizona, Malaysia, and Singapore, the company also has strategic alliances in The Netherlands and Ireland. Its SPE-award-winning tray designed for Cook Inc. combines the sterile field and tray into one integrated unit by die-cutting an opening into the sterile wrap, then sealing the drape to the flange of the tray. This stabilizes the tray during the procedure. Prent Corp., Janesville, WI; 608/754-0276; www.prent.com. MD&M West, Booth #2239


A provider of testing equipment introduces a fully integrated modular software package with a new web-like design. For increased laboratory testing productivity, the software is divided into four major tabs separating testing, test-method definition, reporting, and system administration. Additionally, new features allow the user to cut and paste both graphics and results, e-mail results and reports automatically at test conclusion, and use familiar programs like Microsoft Word and HTML. Instron,
Canton, MA; 800/695-4273; www.instron.com/pr. MD&M West, Booth #2541


A company has expanded its family of label printer/applicators. The Cimjet 200 labeler features a tamp with blow-assist applicator to apply labels firmly to the side of cardboard boxes and shrink-wrap packs at up to 30 labels per minute. It prints accurate, high-quality bar codes, graphics, and variable real-time data. The entire Cimjet family is engineered and built to deliver a mean time between failures of more than 12,000 hours. Other benefits include simple operation, requiring very little operator training; internal data storage, which eliminates the need for a computer on the factory floor; and a compact design, allowing easy integration into existing production lines, conveyors, safety circuits, and reject stations. Markem Corp., Keene, NH; 603/352-1130; www.markem.com. WestPack, Booth #5032


An updated medical sealer has an Ethernet network connection to record all pouches being sealed. One PC can monitor multiple sealers. This latest model is equipped with an Allen-Bradley touch screen. The O/K Supersealer MS does not use Teflon-coated bands, which results in less replacement cost and a decrease in downtime. Benefits include simple connection to a computer network for complete monitoring and optimum seal quality at low maintenance. The machine meets FDA guidelines for the medical industry. O/K International, Marlborough, MA; 508/303-8286; www.okcorp.com. WestPack, Booth #1946


A company offers an in-line thermal-transfer printer for multiple-row applications. The EasyPrint MLP prints directly onto packaging substrates such as foils, polyfilms, and medical papers. Used for blister packages, medical device packages, and food packages, the printer retrofits to form-fill-seal machines and is available in widths of 240 to 630 mm. Bell-Mark Sales Co., Pine Brook, NJ; 973/882-0202; www.bell-mark.com.WestPack, Booth #4167

Bottles and Closures

A company’s product lines include oral dispensers, glass and plastic dropper assemblies, bottles, closures, child-resistant closures, dispensing tips and bottles, dosage cups and spoons, glass vials, custom-molded components, and Neutraplex vials for hydrolytic and pH stability. The company also offers secondary services for its products, including custom printing and wrapping. Comar Inc., Buena, NJ; 800/962-6627; www.comar.com. WestPack, Booth #4161


In addition to its full line of desiccant and absorbent packaging solutions, a company will display its new line of oxygen-absorbing canisters for the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries. While traditional oxygen absorbers need moisture to absorb oxygen, PharmaKeep absorbs oxygen at low relative-humidity levels. The PharmaKeep canisters are designed for automatic, high-speed insertion, feeding 500 canisters per minute. Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging, Albuquerque, NM; 505/244-7068; www.s-cpp.com. WestPack, Booth #4140


Constant-heat sealers are suitable for high-production environments. Features include seal platen lengths of 8, 15, and 20 in. LCD control panels provide full digital temperature control through PID with ±1° accuracy and calibration ports (analog regulator with digital readout). With the capabilities of a much larger machine, the 630CH models seal up to 50 Tyvek pouches per minute with the confidence that all parameters are maintained, seal after seal. Where space is critical, the Mini with its 8-in. seal platen fits in a 12 ¥ 13-in. footprint. Accu-Seal Corp., San Marcos, CA; 760/591-9800; www.accu-seal.com.
MD&M West, Booth #2344


A label printer-applicator prints, encodes, verifies, and applies pressure-sensitive RFID smart labels to cartons and pallet loads in one operation. If the system determines that a tag is unverifiable, it rejects the smart label prior to application. The Model 5200rfid offers a selection of print-encode engines that use thermal and thermal-transfer technology to produce smart labels with text, bar codes, and graphics at 203 dpi. As labels are printed, digital information is encoded on thin, ultra-high-frequency transponders that are embedded in the smart material. The encoded information is verified by the system, which then applies the smart label to the top or side of a carton or pallet load as it moves via conveyor. If a label cannot be verified, it is rejected and retained before it can be applied. Labels up to 5 ¥ 6 in. can be dispensed at up to 12 in./sec and are applied using the tamp-blow method. Weber Marking Systems, Arlington Heights, IL; 800/843-4242; www.webermarking.com. WestPack, Booth #4947


A laser printing system produces high-speed, permanent codes on a wide range of products such as paperboard packaging, clay-coat, secondary packaging, labels, and PET, PVC, and other plastics. The Focus S60 features high-speed printing and reliable performance in a wide variety of production environments. Videojet Technologies Inc., Wood Dale, IL; 630/860-7300; www.videojet.com.
WestPack, Booth #4301

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