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PMP News Insider

A new blog has been introduced. Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News has created a blog that discusses how packaging affects daily life. With posts throughout the week, the blog features news and current events written by PMP News editors. Recent entries include a report on the Delta Cargo lithium battery ban, Saudi Arabia’s National Drug Code, and how shrimp help FDA to study third parties in the drug supply-chain. Visitors can subscribe to an e-mail newsletter to receive entries in their mailbox. Comments and feedback are welcome.


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A new portal site gives access to mechanical testing services and test equipment. Co-sponsored by DDL Inc. and TestResources Inc., the site combines the experience of a testing service provider with a materials testing equipment designer and manufacturer. DDL Inc. is a third-party testing facility for package product and material testing, and offers material and package validation (ISO 11607). Test Resources Inc. offers testing products such as testers software and accessories for development and quality control applications for textiles, composites, ceramic, and rubber. The site is divided by Test Methods, Test Types, and Application/Material, and offers subcategories within those groups.


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FDA and Web MD

A new online consumer health site has been created out of a partnership between WebMD and FDA. Visitors can read information on personal health and learn the safety of products including prescription medication, medical devices, products that emit radiation, vaccines, and other biologics. Consumers can also report problems involving safety directly to FDA, and recall information will be posted to the site regularly. FDA’s goal was to bring information to a wider audience, and now will increase its profile with WebMD’s nearly 50 million unique viewers a month.


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Dymax Corp.

A company’s new Web site focuses on education by offering easy-to-locate information. Downloadable literature, selector guides, and product bulletins are available as well as a market and product-specific searchable FAQ section. A new glossary defines acronyms and common terms for the market. Improved navigation gives visitors rapid access to products via Applications, Adhesive Products, and Industries Served drop-down menus. Two new sections include thermal interface materials and medical adhesives for bonding tube sets and fittings. The links lead to detailed, product-specific Web pages that include features, applications, suitable substrates, and available package sizes. The drop-down menu in the curing-systems section now encompasses products such as radiometers and light guides as well as online warranty registration for applicable units. The product-specific pages contain equipment diagrams, charts, and downloadable operations manuals. Visitors can now find forms for the Equipment Trial Rental/Lease Program and for Repair and Service.

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