Web Sightings

A newly unveiled Web site is designed to help the temperature controlled packaging industry ensure the integrity of their products throughout the cold chain process. The company’s new site features a complete line of temperature-controlled products including: gels and phase-change materials, pre-qualified shipping containers, insulated shipping containers, and monitoring devices. The new site includes resources such as monthly newsletters and new product releases that will help to answer any questions the industry might have about the cold chain process and the hurdles of FDA regulation and compliance. In addition, there is also a stronger emphasis on the testing and monitoring services offered by the company’s sister companies, DDL and ATP, which are also subsidiaries of TCP Reliable.

Schreiner MediPharm
A Web site devoted entirely to the Needle-Trap product was recently created for pharmaceutical manufacturers and users interested in learning about the needle-protection system. The manufacturer portion of the Web site includes information about the functional principle of the product, user benefits, system integration, environmental benefits, additional functions, branding information, FDA certification, and awards received. The user portion of the Web site includes information and video on how to properly use Needle-Trap, as well as Frequently Asked Questions and User Survey sections.
MGS Machine Corp.
In line with ongoing marketing efforts, one company has recently refreshed the look of its adherence packaging Web site. The user-friendly Web site is designed to help pharmaceutical companies find the best solutions in automated adherence packaging formats. The redesigned Web site features informative videos highlighting various adherence packaging solutions, including the Dosepak Stealth Cartoner, Shellpak Cartoning System, Robotic Product Handling, and Blister Card/Wallet Machine. The new Web site also boasts the refined look of the recently enhanced corporate Web site, which offers increased functionality and a wealth of information.

West Pharmaceutical Services
A new Web site dedicated to prefillable syringe solutions, services, and support provides information applicable to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The new Web site contains detailed information about prefillable systems, including the first-in-class Daikyo Crystal Zenith 1mL long insert needle syringe system, a silicone-oil-, tungsten-, and glue-free prefillable system made from a highly break-resistant cyclic olefin polymer. The Web site also features components for prefillable syringes; technical and regulatory support services; complementary drug delivery systems; as well as information about the company’s ConfiDose auto-injector system, NovaGuard syringe safety system, and safety and administration systems. The Web site also comprises  a library of resources that includes technical reports, scientific papers, and related information to support customer needs.

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