Matthews International, Marking Products Division

A site with information on a variety of industrial marking and coding products. The products can be searched by industry (including packaging), application, specific technology, or model name. Searching by industry produces a list of products best suited for packaging applications, and each product is shown with a photograph, description, and list of applications and benefits. Users can view specifications and download literature for each product. They can also complete and submit a form to receive recommendations on products for specific applications.


Technology Concepts Inc.

The home page of a supplier of thermal printers and label applicators. Each product has its own page with photographs, a list of applications, and a description of key benefits. Pages with moving pictures show the equipment in action. Another section highlights some of the custom developmental work the firm performs and lists its engineering capabilities.


Caron Products & Services Inc.

The home page of a firm that supplies, among other products, environmental chambers to be used in package testing. Each product has its own page with a photograph, a description, a list of applications, and other information. Elsewhere, specification charts and lists of options and accessories can be viewed. Another page is devoted to the company's services for thermal process control applications. The site also has a form users can fill out to get a quick quote.


Dickson Co.

The site of a company that makes temperature and humidity data recorders for storage rooms, cleanrooms, isolators, and other applications. Each product has its own page with an extensive list of features and specifications, from temperature ranges to recording times to sample points. Users can also access troubleshooting information and common technical questions for each product. Another page is devoted to calibration services, including a fact sheet about the subject. On-line ordering and customer service is available.


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