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A Web site to help fight counterfeit drugs has debuted. The Web site serves to showcase the host’s software and equipment included in its protection solution, NanoEncryption technology, and market-monitoring program Closed-Loop Protection. Closed-Loop Protection is a counterfeit detection program that serves as an early warning system to manufacturers. The host company cites the pages as benefi cial to government, law enforcement, and any industry affected by product counterfeiting and diversion. Visitors are encouraged to learn about NanoEncryption technology, proprietary to the site host. The Web site also provides continuous coverage of new reports on counterfeited and illegally diverted products in the marketplace as well as past press releases and news articles.


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A cold-storage monitoring solution now has a new feature on its Web site. A customizable product comparison chart helps site visitors evaluate the capabilities of the company’s different monitoring options, including monitoring ultra-low temperatures down to –85Ëš C. Free informational, product-specifi c webinars conducted by a product specialist are also available. Cold-storage facility operators can now monitor and respond to conditions that affect the environment. The monitoring system also uses e-mail to alert appropriate individuals of harmful conditions at cold-storage facilities.


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Monadnock Paper Mills Inc.

A company has launched a new Web site designed to be a resource to the graphic arts printing and packaging communities, as well as to printers, converters, and OEMs. Educational resources in design, printing, and finishing are featured. In addition, visitors can find information on the company’s products including papers for printing and packaging, technical or specialty papers, and nonwovens.


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A motion-control company has created a new Web presence. With news feeds and service overviews for automation, the new site offers a range of topics for customers. The blog page offers such destinations as product releases and applications. The machine integration company offers training, repair service, and customer support. Included in the site is a registration page where visitors can sign up to receive access to the company’s software library.


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