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Dorner Manufacturing Corp.

A company has revised its Web site to make it easier for customers to choose the right conveyor system and find technical information. A new element of the site’s design is a tool for researching mainline conveyor systems. Using the Conveyor Selector tool under Resources on the home page, users answer a series of 10 questions about their application. Each question—regarding such design details as desired belt width and speed, load capacity, and drive motor location—comes with an explanation to help the customer make the most beneficial choice. The questionnaire takes only a few minutes to complete and provides a list of conveyors that best accommodate the customer’s application with spec sheets. Users can also research conveyor systems by clicking onto navigation paths—such as Industries, Applications, or Conveyor Types—listed in the left-hand sidebar of the home page. Subsequent pages list specific conveyors with links to more technical information. Users can also download service manuals, product literature, service tips, 3D models, and 2D CAD programs.

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TCP Reliable

A designer and manufacturer of temperature-controlled packaging has redesigned its Web site. The company has simplified the site’s navigation bar for users to find products by type or by industry. Users can view photos and specs of dry-ice substitutes, prequalified shippers, and 2°–8ºC Phase 5 thermal-controlled panels from the home page. Users can also use the left-hand-side navigation bar to find products by market segment or to read case studies. Under the heading, “Literature,” users can find downloadable PDFs of brochures on the manufacturer’s gel packs, phase-change materials, insulated shipping containers, temperature monitors, and testing services.

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Curtis Packaging Corp.

A designer and supplier of packaging and printing features a “Choose Your Carton” page on its Web site. The page provides users with a complete list of the company’s cartons with specs, including cartons with end closures, tuck-end closures, seal-end closures, and trays. There is also information on how to design a custom carton with the company. Under the heading, “Our Workflow,” the company provides a complete outline and description of its creative process as well as its manufacturing and printing capabilities. The company is celebrating its 160th anniversary.

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A nonprofit, ANSI-accredited standards development organization (SDO) certifies that providers of security documents, labels, cards, packaging, materials, and technology operate under an agreed-upon set of operational standards and security protocols. The North American Security Products Organization’s Web site provides PDFs of summaries of its standards, such as an overview for prospective members titled, “Security Risk Management Requirements Definition Document.” Users can also view PDFs of minutes from the organization’s meetings.

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