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Originally Published PMPN May 2006

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Meech Static Eliminators USA

Short case histories are featured in the news section of one company’s Web site. The company offers solutions in static control, ESD/ESA, and air technology. One such release, titled, “Labeling Lifesaver—Vaccine Labels Lose Static,” tells how the company’s static-eliminator bars were positioned on a labeling machine at the point where the labels were unspooled at speeds up to 600 labels/min to prevent static discharge and visual contamination. Product data sheets and application notes can be downloaded from the site. Users can also subscribe to the company’s newsletter and request a product catalog. company has launched an interactive service through its Web site to provide complete, real-time visibility into its processing facilities. SteriLink is set up to allow customers access to processing information from any computer. The SteriLink main dashboard is the customer’s starting point where they enter information on their product and are then connected to the service that enables them to follow the company’s processes. The supply-chain dashboard provides quick access to recent activity, including the time of day the customer’s product was received, processed, and released. The quality dashboard is where customers gain access to process results, run documentation, and dose records.

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ITW Inks

A company has redesigned its Web site to be a more engaging resource for its customers. A cross-referencing feature is designed to assist the user with ink selection and pricing. The site also provides sections for ink news, material safety data sheets, and answers to FAQs. A product brochure can be downloaded from the site. The company offers water-, solvent-, or alcohol-based inks and cleaners, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) inks and cleaners, high-resolution inks, and ink
cartridges. A company offers a Web-based conversion tool that calculates speed (S), torque (T), and power (P) of rotational devices. The STP conversion tool is available to download for free. The STP tool’s calculations are meant to aid customers’ motor selection. The tool allows the user to input any two known variables and the STP then quickly calculates the third variable. Users can calculate any number of configurations by choosing the desired input units. The STP can also convert speed to rpm or rad/s; torque to oz-in., lb-in., lb-ft, N-cm, or N-m; and power to watts or HP.

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A manufacturer of cold-chain shipping containers features detailed product information on its Web site. Two sections of the site, Existing Qualified Solutions and Science-Based Solutions, are composed of graphs on fill volume and heat profile data, product specifications, and diagrams and photos of the company’s insulated shipping containers. Another section called Develop Your Solutions invites users to fill out a short questionnaire to send to the company’s engineers who can help develop a container to meet the customer’s requirements. Registered users of the site have access to the Compliance Solutions section that features Web presentations on some of the company’s technologies. A guide to assist engineers in designing plastic gears is available to download free off the authoring company’s Web site. “The Nine Plastic Gear Must-Ask Questions” addresses operating temperature, moisture level, speed, load, and accuracy, among other topics. This guide is the third in the company’s “Parts Smarts” booklet series aimed at helping engineers design better, more cost-effective plastic parts. The guide encourages engineers to review and address the nine fundamental design questions outlined in the booklet before submitting their part and specifications for quotation to make sure they get exactly what they need from their tool and their molder.

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QC Industries

A supplier of low-profile conveyors offers a CAD tool on its Web site to help users choose the conveyor best suited to their needs. Users can view and download 2-D and 3-D CAD models of the supplier’s 125 series and 250 series conveyors from the site for free. Models of the company’s line of sides, guides, drives, stands, and automation accessories can also be viewed, allowing users to configure a complete conveyor system through the site and then and drop it directly into their own application. The company has partnered with 3D-Seek.com to enable users to view 360° models and add them to a shopping cart for later download. The models are available in STP and DXF formats, which can be imported into virtually any design program. Press releases, technical articles, and news- letters are also available to view on the site.

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