Adchem Corp.


The home page of a firm that makes adhesive tapes for the medical industry, among other sectors. The product section contains descriptions, uses, biological properties, and shelf-life information for products used with sterilization pouches, surgical drapes, bandages, and ostomy bags. The applications section discusses the company's medical adhesive unit and includes relevant photographs. Another page is devoted to capabilities such as slitting and sheeting. 


Domino Amjet Inc.

The site of a manufacturer of coding and marking technologies that includes a page devoted to pharmaceutical applications. Relevant products are highlighted with photographs, descriptions of features, and technical information such as character control, data input options, ink systems, printhead types, temperature and humidity requirements, electrical requirements, and available options. Other pages are devoted to features such as case studies and frequently asked questions.

Enercon Industries Corp.

The home page of a manufacturer of induction sealing and surface testing technologies. These two sectors have their own page on the site. Each page has links to information about specific products, including photographs and lists of features, options, and other information such as validation programs. The site also has troubleshooting guides in PDF format and electronic copies of technical newsletters on surface treating, induction sealing, and narrow web treating.


All-Fill Inc.

The home page of a designer and manufacturer of filling, feeding, and checkweighing equipment. The page is divided into sections for auger fillers, piston fillers, pump and cup fillers, checkweighers, feeding systems, and accessories, all of which have photographs and descriptions of their respective products. A field service page provides troubleshooting. Users who have Windows Media Player can also view on-line videos of different fillers in action. 


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