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Eastman Chemical Co.


A manufacturer of chemicals, fibers, and plastics has added a medical section to its Web site. The section showcases four design concepts created by students at the Savannah College of Art and Design and presented to the manufacturer’s medical market team. The design project required students to create concepts for medical devices and packaging that focus on market trends and unmet customer needs, and incorporate materials from the manufacturer. The designs are featured in the Concepts pages of the medical section on the site. Descriptions, diagrams, and three-dimensional models are displayed for each of the designs, which the company says explore the difference between enduring and enjoying life. They include a contoured baby scale, a customized glucose-monitoring wristwatch, a ready-to-use syringe package, and a tubeless IV system that is worn on the patient’s arm. The medical section also includes a Segments page that provides an overview of the company’s materials and a Material Map designed as an interactive tool that allows designers to compare the company’s polymers based on chemical resistance, toughness, clarity, and gamma and E-beam stability.

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Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery Inc.

A Flash intro emphasizing a filling equipment manufacturer’s focus on accuracy, efficiency, productivity, and profitability leads users to an easy-to-navigate, electric-blue-and-black home page. The recently redesigned Web site features pages for each type of filling equipment the company offers. The About Spee-Dee section provides new-product press releases, case studies, and information on services. The section also lists the findings of a market research study the company commissioned, as well as client comments. Contact information and links are provided on each page, and a separate button for requesting detailed quotes can be found above the navigation bar.

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Northwest Coatings

A manufacturer of adhesives and coatings has updated its Web site to be more user-friendly. The simple, clean layout and color scheme are easy on the eyes. The navigation bar provides easy access to product guides, technical bulletins, and information on the company’s test methods, facilities, and history. The contact information page includes an interactive map. The site also has a section that provides the company’s information and product specifications in Spanish.

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Flexible Steel Lacing Co.

An updated Web site can be fully displayed in both English and Spanish, and also features pages to download product literature in French, German, and Portuguese. Users have the option to switch the language at the top of each page. The home page prominently displays new and featured products by the supplier of belt-conveyor maintenance tools and accessories. A sidebar on the home page lists news releases and technical tips. Under Technical Support on the navigation bar at the top of the page, users can access a PDF literature library and installation instructions.

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