Web Sightings

MGS Machine Corp.
A packaging and product-handling machinery solutions company recently revised its Web site. According to the company, the new site strengthens its search capabilities with Internet search engines, and features appealing aesthetics and improved navigation. The upgraded technology and look are additions to the product content and videos featured on the previous site. Each page still has a unique URL for simple copies and e-mail links. The resources tab lists links to news stories written about the company, sales rep locators, a sitemap, and the search tool. The applications tab allows visitors to view products and services by industry, including pharmaceutical and cosmetic and personal care.

Nordson Corp.
A company has unveiled a new initiative to conduct live video demonstrations online. Customers who wish to test adhesive dispensing systems can participate in a live, interactive demonstration of the company’s equipment operating its precision adhesive dispensing on customer-specified products or samples. Customers can request and see different adhesive volumes, dispensing speeds, and adhesive patterns in real time. Process variables and adhesive system performance have been monitored, adjusted, and documented during each step of the testing process to prove the viability of the equipment and the specific application requirements.


Tompkins Pharmaceutical Rubber
A custom molded rubber manufacturer has launched a new Web site. Visitors can review the company’s capabilities, products, and success stories. Quotes can be requested by inputting the necessary data. The company’s Drug Master Files are registered with the FDA and available on the site for customers who would like DMF formulations specific to their product requirements. The scores of formulations can be searched via a link on the Web site.

Howell Marketing Services
A pharmaceutical fulfillment and distribution company has redesigned its Web site. The company says its enhanced site can better serve current and potential customers. New features include an updated design with user-friendly navigation and the addition of several pages. The site also contains expanded information on the company’s services and core offerings, and updated pages include a brief history of the company and current events.

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