Web Sightings

A system and component solutions provider for injectable drug administration has launched an online resource center. The resource center features a podcast on CGMP with commentary from Debbie Thomas, the company’s vice president of regulatory affairs, in which she discusses the amendments that FDA is making to regulations on CGMP requirements for finished pharmaceuticals. Companies are expected to be in full compliance with the regulations. The amendments focus predominantly on three areas: aseptic processing, asbestos filters, and verification by a second individual. To access the online resource center and podcast series.
A new rigid plastic containers Web site has been launched.  A company’s line of plastic containers are on display along with information on how the manufacturer works with its customers, whether for containers with extra strength for stacking, lower weight to minimize shipping costs, a specific handle or spout, or other characteristics. To find a container appropriate for a particular application, visitors “drill down” to see which containers are recommended for a specific end product.  Included are photos of each container, along with its product number, capacity, dimensions, thickness, handle options, cover options, and the number of units per case. Other features of the Web site include a brief look at the company’s new R&D center as well as manufacturing equipment and capabilities.
Formost Fuji Corp.
A packaging machinery manufacturer celebrates its 45th anniversary with an update Web site. The site offers more information to provide easier downloads of packaging machinery brochures, such as for the recently added FW3400BS/B-Y wrapper for pharmaceutical and medical. This can be accessed by clicking the machinery tab, then horizontal wrappers tab, and then box motion end seal wrappers. Scroll down to view the FW3400BS/B-Y Machine and download the PDF Brochure. Tabs for news, history, sales, and applications are available on the site.
A site allows for data sharing storage in one spot. Among its offerings are online workspaces, where visitors create shared workspaces and invite team members to upload files, start discussions, and collaborate online. Mobile access is available to view files on any browser-enabled mobile device or use the company’s apps on iPhones and Blackberries. File commenting, group discussions, and online documents let visitors leave comments attached to a specific document, start a group discussion, or create and share a simple document. To protect data, security controls set various levels of view and edit permission, set up a time to auto-delete a file or deactivate a link, and password protect sensitive folders or files.


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