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Bradman Lake Group

A designer and manufacturer of packaging and product-handling equipment has recently redesigned its Web site to reflect the changes the company has undergone in the last two years. The company combined three brands—Bradman Lake, Autowrappers, and Europack—into one corporate organization to strengthen its position in the global market. The site, to a slightly lesser degree, was redesigned to strengthen the company’s presence in the market on the Internet. The site prominently features a letter from the company’s CEO in the center of the page, which is flanked by news updates on the company’s facilities and developments. Users can access information on the company’s products and services via two navigation bars, one at the top left that has drop-down menus and remains on every page, and another that stretches across the center of the home page.

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Corwood Laboratories Inc.

A company that provides product development and packaging services has redesigned its Web site with fresh colors and a clean layout. The site features a convenient left-hand navigation bar that remains on every page for easy navigation between sections of the site. The navigation bar lists the company’s product name brands as well as all of the services it offers, from product development and manufacturing to packaging and distribution. Pictures of the company’s facilities and capabilities are featured throughout. The cool color scheme features hues of teal and blue with an almost airbrushed look.

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National Association of Container Distributors

An association has moved its Web site to a new hosting company to better serve its members and the industries it serves. It has also re- designed the site to feature a navigation bar with drop-down menus for easier navigation. Users can plug into the site’s search engine to locate distributors by company name, state, or zip code. Using the zip code search feature allows users to find distributors within 1000 miles of the zip code entered. The electric-blue color complements the site’s theme and the association’s goal of empowering its members and getting distributors connected.

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Enercon Industries Corp.

A manufacturer of surface-treating equipment has launched a new Web site accessible in multiple languages. Information on induction heat-sealing and surface-treating products and equipment, as well as frequently asked questions, can be viewed in seven languages in addition to English. Site visitors can read about the company’s technical solutions and
submit inquiry forms in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. The site also features detailed drop-down menus for easy navigation, a library of technical papers, articles, and press releases, and a resource page with a glossary of technical terms and useful links..


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