We Are Getting Ready for Interphex 2013!

Interphex 2013 will be held at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Center on April 23–25, 2013.

This year the pharmaceutical-focused show will feature a mini course on pharma serialization. A separate conference ticket is needed to attend the course, which features the following presentations:

• Manufacturing Intelligence: Serialization to Improve Processes, by Jean-Pierre Allard, Serialization Product Manager, Optel Vision.
• Implementing Unit-Level Serialization on a New Packaging Line, by Mike Salinas, Director of Manufacturing Technology, M+W U.S., Inc.
• Economic Impact of Implementing a National Serialization and Traceability System, by Gabrielle Cosel, Project Manager, Drug Safety Project, Pew Charitable Trusts Joel Grosser, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton.
• Wrap Up Panel: Understanding the Complexities of Serialization, led by Moderator: H. Steven Kennedy, Director, Life Sciences + Chemicals, M+W U.S.; with panelists Jean-Pierre Allard, Serialization Product Manager, Optel Vision; Mike Salinas, Director of Manufacturing Technology, M+W U.S.; Joel Grosser, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton.

For more details about the show, visit www.interphex.com.

Exhibitor Products

Laser Marking
A UV Cold Laser creates indelible, extremely high-resolution markings on capsules, gel caps, and tablets of any size or shape, prepackaged or loose. Clarity and durability are unaffected by oily surfaces, overcoming a long-standing problem with previous marking methods, the company reports. The Cold Laser system’s short-pulsed UV beam does not cause chemical or structural changes that might affect contents or compromise product integrity. It is safe and fast, the company reports, creating text, bar codes, and tamperproof images that will not fade or degrade over time. Complete readability is ensured for the life of the product. A complete DQ/IQ/OQ validation package is available for equipment. The control system is fully compliant with GAMP 5, 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. Tri-Star Technologies, El Segundo, CA; 310/536-0444; alex.kerner@carlisleit.com.
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QbD Program
A manufacturer of sorbents will promote its quality by design (QbD) based Calculations through Operations Program, which its scientists use to determine an appropriate optimized sorbent as well as placement of that sorbent when required, with the use of a specific dispenser during packaging. The company formulates optimized sorbent products using SimulSorb and SimulOx Pseudo-Empirical Modeling Programs, which help predict physical and chemical stability outcomes for healthcare products in their packaging. It is most cost effective to implement the Calculations through Operations Program during drug development, it reports. Three sorbent dispensers will be at this year’s show: APA-9000, APA-2000, and APA-500. The newest addition to the APA dispenser family, the APA-9000 Canister Dispenser, is offered as part of the StabilOx, SorbiCap, and Multiform CSF Systems. It offers dual hoppers that run alternately, supplying a single feed bowl and ensuring protection of the sorbent canister’s capacity while providing FIFO control. The other two dispensers (APA-2000 and APA-500) are options with the StripPax and StabilOx Packet Systems. The high-speed APA-2000 will be shown with a bottling line interface. The APA-500 is a semi-automated dispenser ideal for hand packaging operations. Multisorb Technologies, Buffalo, NY; 716/824-8900; info@
multisorb.com; www.multisorb.com.
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Security Label
A peel-off label with integrated anticounterfeiting technologies offers a multi-level security system that can be customized to suit the specific requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Equipped with integrated security features, the new Pharma-Comb label combines overt features such as holograms, color-shifting security inks, and guilloche patterns with more covert elements and certain voiding effects. These features include LaserSecure, a method incorporating special pigments that only becomes visible via a dedicated handheld reading device. The combination can be tailored to specific manufacturer requirements, resulting in customized authenticity protection for pharmaceuticals. The new label also features detachable label parts. When detached from the substrate, the message “peel-off part has been removed” becomes visible on the bottom label. Schreiner MediPharm, Blauvelt, NY; 845/848-9000; info@schreiner-medipharm.com;
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Controlled Atmosphere Packaging
A company will display its range of controlled atmosphere packaging solutions, ranging from drop-in desiccants to container closure systems, as well as its colorants and additives for improving aesthetics, processing, and functionality in medical device applications. Products to be featured include desiccant canisters designed for high-speed insertion and used by major pharmaceutical companies across the globe. Also featured will be the Continu-Strip hole-punch packets, which enable accurate automatic cutting and insertion into pharmaceutical containers with any standard packet insertion equipment currently on the market. The business will also highlight its protective container-closure systems such as its Integrated Desiccant Closure, Oxy-Guard barrier bottles, and tubes with desiccant stoppers. It will also spotlight a new range of MEVOPUR masterbatches and compounds. Applications will demonstrate how these products can help enhance the visual appeal of the product and how its functional additives can improve the cost efficiency of the manufacturing process by allowing for solvent-free laser-marking, thin-walling, and cycle-time reduction. Clariant, www.clariant.com; www.s-cpp.com; www.masterbatches.clariant.com.
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A range of flexible, high-speed cartoners provide ergonomics and efficiency at speeds of up to 400 cartons per minute. The Promatic PC 4000 Series offers a wide range of tailor-made feeding options for different products. Servo motors and electronic cams allow smooth handling of various products. The systems employ patented carton pick-up and positive operating systems as well as touch-screen panels with diagnostics and troubleshooting functions via text or picture guidance. MG America, Fairfield; 973/808-8185; www.mgamerica.com.
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Checkweighing systems can employ technology for verifying machine-readable serial numbers for tracking each individual product. In addition, the systems facilitate accounting with healthcare product carriers and ensure that each transaction is unique. The Traceable Quality System (TQS) essentially treats coders as actuators and cameras as sensors, with all components—the conveyor system, the code, and the camera—operated and controlled by single software. Other systems usually need different user interfaces for the individual components. The layout editor is fully integrated into the TQS and can be used to generate a unique and customizable imprint. Data are then sent to the printer and to the camera in one single step. The systems can either be integrated into a production line with automatic infeed or can be used as a stand-alone system with manual infeed. OCS Checkweighers Inc., Snellville, GA; 678/344-8300; www.ocs-cw.com/english/Home;
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A designer and manufacturer of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tea, coffee, and food will exhibit new solutions for processing and packaging pharmaceutical products. A wide range of machines and complete lines are designed to meet all requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. IMA, www.ima-pharma.com.
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