Versatile Films

Films are helping packagers protect even the most intricate of products.

To protect products against damage and tampering, packaging engineers rely on high-quality films when designing bags, pouches, trays, and blisters. Suppliers aren't letting such designers down—today's films can withstand a variety of sterilization methods and resist punctures, tears, and chemicals. Some suppliers even offer to custom color or print the film prior to shipment.

Specialty packaging film composites can be used to create peelable seals suitable for hard-to-hold chemicals. Films can be tailored to meet any barrier requirement by incorporating one of a variety of foils or clear barrier-coated materials. The films are available in rollstock form or in premade pouches, printed or unprinted. Rollprint Packaging Products Inc., Addison, IL.

Flexible primary packaging materials are suitable for use with large-volume parenteral solutions and specialty drugs. M312 medical film can also handle saline, dextrose, dialysis solutions, and nutritional products. Tough, clear, and heat sealable, it is made using a patented coextrusion technology. The particulate-free film is designed for sterilization at 121°C. It contains no plasticizers and resists abuse. Cryovac North America, Duncan, SC.

PVC films are specifically designed for tamper-evident pharmaceutical packaging. Super Shrink films can be supplied clear, tinted, or custom printed and are available in almost any size or gauge. Products include shrink bands used for sealing bottles, jars, tubs, clamshells, and tins; preformed shrink bands that fit easily over round, square, and rectangular containers and can be applied by hand or automatic or semiautomatic equipment; full-body shrink sleeves that band two or more products together to make multipacks; shrink bags that fit irregularly shaped items; and shrink tubing supplied on rolls for automatic, high-speed, shrink-banding uses. Traco Manufacturing Inc., Orem, UT.

A linear low-density polyethylene film (LLDPE), when produced at a 3 mil gauge, demonstrates 150% more impact strength than conventional 4-mil LLDPE film. At 4-mil, ShieLLD's impact strength is 238% more than other types of 4-mil LLDPE film, with 250% greater tear strength. The film can be used for header bag packaging for large, bulky devices or for heavy trays containing a variety of instruments. Perfecseal, Philadelphia, PA.

Shrink film provides consistent sealing and shrinking at a broad range of temperatures. Exlfilmplus is clear, resists tears, and demonstrates good tensile strength. It can even conform to irregularly shaped products. Intertape Polymer Group, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

PETG copolyester can be used to form many types of medical device packaging. Eastar can be extruded into sheets for thermoforming intricate blisters and trays and for heat sealing to paper or plastic lid stock. It can also be downgauged or used on automated form-fill-seal systems. The material can be sterilized using gamma or electron-beam radiation or EtO gas with no discoloration or reduction in performance. Eastman Chemical Co., Kingsport, TN.

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