Verification System Debuts for Cost-Conscious Manufacturers

Rigorous inspection demands accuracy, throughput, and reliability, among other key attributes. These inspection requirements, though, can burden the bottom line. As a result, cost-conscious pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers may have to scrutinize their equipment requisition forms closely.

These cost concerns caught the attention of Label Vision Systems (Peachtree City, GA). In July, the company introduced an off-line version of its standalone Integra 9500 bar code verification workstation. The 9505 flat-bed bar code verifier is notable for its capabilities and its price, notes Tim Lydell, CEO.

The flat-bed system “retains everything that the 9500 has,” he says. The difference is that the 9500 system is essentially a plug-and-play tool, while the 9505 requires operators to use their own computers and software. At $5500, “the pricing works out to about half the cost of the 9500,” Lydell says.

“We found that we were missing a significant part of the market,” Lydell says. The new system supports the same range of standards and guidelines as the 9500. It comes in two versions. One is a standard 1.3 MP camera-based system, and the other is an HD version with a 2.1 MP camera.

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Lydell believes the time is right for introducing the system as drug and device companies begin following new bar coding guidelines and standards, such as the GS1 Global Report Template, for their products. He points out that the 9505 is compatible with ISO verification standards and the standards’ nine modules as well as 2-D symbologies. Capabilities include grade notification as well as code analysis and problem solving. The new tool “actually spots where the problem is and takes corrective action,” Lydell says.


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