United Health Products Trauma Gauze Receives 510K Approval

The FDA has given the go-ahead for the company’s Hemostyp hemostatic gauze.

United Health Products, Inc. which develops and markets products and technologies in the healthcare sector, today announced that its hemostatic gauze which is registered and branded in the USA under the trademark Hemostyp™ has received 510K approval from the FDA under the application and registration of its manufacturing agent. Hemostyp was originally introduced into the market in 2002 as a Class I exempt product for external wound care and dental applications.

UEEC’s CEO, Philip Forman, stated,"United Health Products is excited to announce that their currently supplied hemostatic gauze product has entered a new phase. The product labeled under the HemoStyp™ brand is now being provided and manufactured with FDA 510K approval. We now have the ability to represent to the customer that the product meets all of the current FDA requirements. This approval now allows us to expand our customer base and pursue accounts

that requested a current 510K FDA approval, including the prescription based medical arena, retail, hospital, EMS, military, state and national government agencies, dental, and veterinarian markets."

About United Health Products, Inc.

United Health Products, Inc. (UEEC) develops, manufactures and markets products and technologies in the healthcare sector. UEEC's operating subsidiary Epic Wound Care, Inc. produces hemostatic gauze, derived from regenerated oxidized cellulose, which is all natural and designed to absorb exudate/drainage from superficial wounds and helps control bleeding. UEEC is focused on identifying emerging healthcare products and technologies for strategic partnership or acquisition.

Source: United Health Products Inc. via BusinessWire

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