Unique Heating System Seals Medical Devices

Unique temperature monitoring comes to an expanded line of medical heat sealers. Packworld USA Ltd. (Nazareth, PA) has added to its line of validatable heat sealers with the PW 4024 and PW 4036. Equipped with the advanced TOSS (The Optimum Sealing System) Technology, these impulse heat sealers can be used to seal any type of medical device packaging.

The machines measure heating-element temperatures at a rate of 60 times per second. Packworld says it can ensure consistent, repeatable seals from the first pouch to the last by using the heating element as its own sensing device in a closed-loop system.

See the PW 4024 heat sealer in action.
"TOSS is one of the unique features to Packworld machines," says Jeffrey Quinto, general manager. "This advanced technology controls the temperature of the heating element without the use of thermocouples making it immune to any external thermal influences."

"The heating element itself acts just like an RTD," he says. "The controller measures and controls the heating element's resistance to energy, and by doing so it can accurately control its temperature."

Cited as ideal for cleanrooms, the heat-sealing jaw bars are located inside the stainless-steel housing making it suitable for wipe-down, VHP, and antimicrobial treatments. Vacuum and gas purge capabilities are available.

Sealing lengths are available in lengths of 24 and 36 in., in widths from 2-12 mm wide, and are capable of providing heat from both the upper and lower jaws.


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