Uhlmann Offers Flexible, High-Output Cartoners

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Uhlmann Packaging Systems (Towaco, NJ) has introduced two high-speed cartoners that support high performance without sacrificing flexible changeovers. The C 2504 has an output of 500 cartons per minute with a 4-in. pitch. The C 2305 produces 300 5-in.-pitch cartons a minute.

The units work in-line with the company’s new Blister Express Center 500 units. Uhlmann will feature the C 2504 cartoner paired with its B 1550 blister machine producing 500 packs a minute at Pack Expo International, says Dirk Corsten, managing director, sales.

“We are for the first time able to a combine a highly flexible cartoner with high performance, as companies are keen on reducing line changeover times in order to increase overall line yields. Our customers have told us they would like to see more speed. We are offering one line designed to do 500 blisters and cartons a minute, which covers the majority of all applications. Customers will still be able to change the whole line over in 20 minutes,” says Corsten.

The C 2504 and C 2305 units feature automatic initial filling of the blister magazines. Operators use the Touch Control HMI for automatic configuration of most blister and carton sizes at the touch of button. An integrated checkweigher reduces space needs. “There are very few, if any, change parts,” says Corsten.

The cartoners feature multiple servo drives individually controlling the leaflet, carton, and product chains. “If you identify a leaflet that is missing a bar code, you can reject it and put a correct one in at the loading position. The cartoners only produce complete packages, with the right leaflet and right amount of blisters,” he says.


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