Uhlmann Celebrates 20 Years


Erik Swain

Uhlmann Packaging Systems LP (Towaco, NJ) unveiled a new toploader at an open house celebrating the company"s 20th year of U.S. operations. 

The open house, which was held September 17-18 at Uhlmann's U.S. headquarters in Towaco, also featured displays from 12 strategic partners. The partners were mostly blister material manufacturers and converters.

The new toploader is designed for cartons that hold multiple products. These include blisters, carded blisters, syringes, ampules, vials, pouches, or a number of other packaging forms. 

Uhlmann and Harro Höfliger Packaging Systems Inc. (Doylestown, PA) designed the toploader, which is offered by Uhlmann as the T 2060 and by Harro Höfliger as the TL 60. The companies decided to collaborate in 2000 to combine Uhlmann’s expertise with blisters and Harro Höfliger’s expertise with special and custom packaging machinery designs. Both firms offer the machine as part of a turnkey package that includes blister machinery and end-of-line equipment. 
The machine has a modular design that allows customers to choose the features they want. It comes with up to three different kinds of feeding systems that orient the products and place them into the cartons. It also places or adheres leaflets, booklets, and other information into the carton. 

Uhlmann also showed off its rebuilding operations, which have expanded in recent years. As the company’s machines remain me-chanically sound for many years, some customers would rather upgrade old equipment than buy new machines. Validation documents are included as part of the service.

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