Tubes: Rejuvenate, Conveniently

A respected skin care expert selects a tube for facial scrub.

Clientele Beauty was founded by CEO Dr. Pat Riley 30 years ago, and ever since she has enlisted several ingredients to promote healthy skin, including beta carotene, phytoestrogens, coenzyme Q-10, resveratrol, and others. Recipient of the Jacqueline Kennedy Award from JFK University, Riley also recently received the Northwood University degree Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa.

Her line Elastology features cleansers, exfoliaters, serums, night and eye creams, and more. Included in the line is the Pumpkin Regeneration kit. Developed to “rejuvenate” complexions, the kit features the 4-oz Thermal Pumpkin Facial Scrub, for which Riley has chosen a stand-up tube.

Riley found the tube ideal for protecting the product from external contamination. “We chose a crimped PET tube to deliver our Pumpkin Scrub. The formula is very thick and must have limited exposure to moisture. We felt the tube offered greater protection for the formula. We love the fact that the tube packaging protects the cream from contamination from the hands.”

Ease of use was also a deciding factor. “For a scrub, the convenience of a tube is wonderful. There is always a concern that a scrub will not expel easily from a tube, and if customers were to leave off the lid, the scrub would dry, which sometimes happens. But most are very happy with the tube.”

Riley and her team chose a blue silk screen so that the brand’s logo and product directions would stand out on the orange tone of the pumpkin scrub. “We did use labels for our first test series and found the angle of the tube made it difficult to apply,” Riley explains. “We were happier with the silk screening and have maintained that look.”

An orifice reducer was selected to dispense the right amount of scrub to the consumer, she adds.

Formulating and artwork development are handled in house, while tubes and components are provided by various tube suppliers including Express Tubes and European manufacturers. 

Riley hopes to use more tubes in the future for her upscale Clientele line, sold in Nordstrom and other fine stores. ■

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