Tubes: Desert Beauty in Bloom

A well-established natural beauty line is reborn with the help of tubes.

This past summer, Desert Essence relaunched its natural beauty products line, redesigning its packaging and adding new items. Tubes are playing a sizable role in that launch, which extends into fall.

“Desert Essence has continued to be a leader in the natural beauty industry for almost 40 years simply because the products work. The brand’s packaging needed polishing to make it relevant for today’s consumer,” says Wendy Cockayne Lucas, vice president of sales and marketing for Desert Essence, in a press release. “Just because a product is natural doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have beautiful packaging.”

Desert Essence worked with Beardwood&Co. (New York City) to provide a new identity system for more than 60 SKUs as well as a new tagline, which now is “Beauty Blooms in the Desert.”

This is the first major redesign for the brand in its 38-year history. “Desert Essence has been around since the ’70s, so one of the biggest challenges was to retain loyal customers while bringing in new ones to this rapidly expanding natural market,” says Julia Beardwood, founder, Beardwood&Co., in the press release.

Inspired by the desert, the team chose desert colors of orange, green, and yellow for the packaging. Skin care products are color-coded by skin type: green for oily/combination skin, orange for normal skin, and light green for dry skin. (Yellow represents Shea Butter in images used for lip care and body care products.)

Labeling on the skin care tubes, bottles, and jars feature close-up images intended to be evocative. For instance, “the Dry/Sensitive skin product image is a soothing succulent,” Beardwood explained to Tube News. “We looked for plants and flowers that could grow in the desert and represented the vitality and strength of desert plants.”

Stand-up tubes were selected for Thoroughly Clean Oil Control Lotion for oily/combination skin and for Gentle Nourishing Day Cream SPF 15 for dry and sensitive skin.

Published in Tube News, September 2010

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