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Barrier Tube Film
A new film can be formed into an easy-to-seal, easy-to-open single or sample-use tube package for a wide variety of healthcare, personal product, and consumer applications. Developed initially for single-use personal-care product applications, the Apex Barrier Tube (BT) film can be utilized by packagers for a wide variety of sample tube and single-use tube applications that require high barrier properties for oxygen. Apex BT film is a seven- or nine-layer coextruded film produced at the company’s Performance Films business in Cincinnati, OH. The durable, heat-sealable, barrier film provides high oxygen transmission rates and can be surface treated for printing or lamination. The sealant technology does not require radio frequency (RF) sealing, but has been designed with a broad seal range providing seal strength and durability for tube applications. Overall, the structure is a lower-cost, high-quality, easy-to-manage film that allows manufacturers to create a wide range of tube sizes and shapes. According to the company, it provides a solution for customers that is more affordable than similarly performing structures. Ampac Packaging LLC, Cincinnati, OH; 513/671-1777;

Tube Filler
A high-speed racetrack-style tube filler is now available. The ProTrac PT 140/220’s standard system includes up to 14 servo drives for controlling critical system motions for speed, accuracy, and consistency. A large touch screen display, 360° access, and modular stations are standard features, providing quick and easy changeovers. Shown with the ProSys EZ Loader system for simple tube storage and loading. ProSys Innovative Packaging Equipment, Webb City, MO; 417/673-5551;;

Soft-Touch Tubes
Tubes are available in a soft touch resin. The soft touch resin has an even softer and smoother feel than matte tubes and can add a luxurious quality that brings added value to a product, reports the tube maker. In addition, the company offers a wide variety of options for adding visual appeal to tubes, including pearlization, stunning foil overlays, multicolor screen prints, offset printing, silk screening, hot stamping, and labels. Tube options come in virtually any size, shape, material, and decoration. Materials include single-layer, multiple-layer, and coextruded options; metallic resins; and EVOH and EVA barriers. Tube factory manufacturing sources are ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified; comply with health, safety, and environmental regulations; and have also passed voluntary ETI audits. International Cosmetic Suppliers (ICS) Ltd., Hong Kong, +852 2802 9938;

Linear Tube Filler
With its brand new CD Linear, CO.MA.DI.S. presents its version of a linear tube filling machine with a system offering machine accessibility, simple size changeover sequences, quick disassembly of product contact parts, and user-friendly and effective control logics. Designed from the operator’s view point, the new machine offers functions that are all visible, easily controlled, and managed. Its features are the culmination of CO.MA.DI.S. extensive experience and the synergies with the entire IMA Group, the company reports. With robotized tube loading and unloading, a highly precise filling pump, and a cutting-edge closure system changeover, it quickly adapts to any production changes (of product, size or tube type), guaranteeing high performances and complete repeatability of all set-up operations. The CD Linear reaches an output of 200 tubes/minute. IMA North America Inc., Bristol, PA; 215/826-8500; e-mail:;

Filling Tubes for Food Use and More
Monfitello Inc., a division of Montebello Packaging, has announced that it received a “letter of no objection” from Health Canada on October 30, 2009. The letter states that tubes manufactured from certain materials are accepted for food use. On November 10, 2009, acceptance from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) was received for use in a Federally Registered Food Establishment. Monfitello will soon have a Federally Registered Food Establishment of its own located in Lachine, Quebec, with site licensing for filling processed foods and maple products as well as pasteurized and nonpasteurized honey. The company will also hold accreditation from the Natural Health Product Directorate and has already obtained registration from FDA as a food facility. The Lachine facility is currently equipped with two tube-filling machines. The TGM E250Matic is designed to handle a wide range of viscosities and tube sizes. Monfitello is currently equipped to fill tubes from a ½ to 1¾ in. in diameter with a length variation of 2½ to 7¾ in. in EVOH and laminate. The IWKA TFS30 is also designed to accommodate a wide range of viscosities and tube sizes. This filling machine can handle only aluminum tubes but is equipped with the best fold in the business, the saddle fold. Along with tube filling equipment, Montfitello’s facility is equipped with a laboratory capable of conducting real-time as well as accelerated stability testing and PH, conductivity, refractive index, and water activity testing along with various microbiological tests. Filling capabilities and applicable permits will allow the company to package various foods and natural health products to be sold across Canada and exported around the world. Montebello Packaging, Hawkesbury, ON; 613/632-7096;

Published in Tube News, January 2010

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