Tube Manufacturing in Mexico

Alcan Packaging Beauty is leveraging its tube manufacturing facility capacity in Mexico to address the fast growing local market.
One of the fundamental axes of Alcan Packaging Beauty’s strategy is the development and the optimization of its global footprint as a key lever to better respond to the worldwide market demand.

In the Americas, its Mexico platform, with a facility located in Reynosa dedicated to plastic tubes manufacturing, has been supporting the U.S. market sales for several years now.

With the fast expansion of the market in the Mexico region, the Reynosa facility represents a strong industrial platform to address this growth efficiently. Several key Mexico customers have recently purchased tubes as tube volume continues to grow.
“Mexico is demanding more tubes,” reports Doug Jackson, market manager, North America, for Alcan Packaging Beauty. “The plant’s capacity allows us to propose to local customers the added-value solutions they need.”

The facility has recently added 13.5-mm (½-in.) diameter tubes to its portfolio, expanding the range up to and including 2-in. diameter.” The new 13.5-mm size is often used for sampler promotions, Jackson reports. Screw-on caps or twist-off tabs are options. “Usually these smaller-type tubes are supplied out of Asia, so we are proud to be able to produce them in North America,” Jackson says.

The Reynosa facility is located and operates in the nation’s Maquiladoras tax-free trade zone.

With the Reynosa facility, as well as its existing ones in United States in Shelbyville, TN, and Washington, NJ, Alcan Packaging Beauty has been manufacturing tubes throughout North America.

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