Tube Fillers Give Users Control

Optional control systems allow operators to communicate with tube-filling machines.

Tube fillers are designed not only to fill containers, but also to make the user's job as easy as possible. Today's tube fillers handle a range of products, accommodate tubes of many sizes and materials, are easy to clean, and provide quick changeover. Some manufacturers offer control systems that let operators and machines "talk" to each other. The user can tell the machine the parameters of a specific job, for example, or the machine can walk the user through a changeover, step by step.

Built for the pharmaceutical industry, a tube filler can achieve speeds of up to 110 tubes per minute or 92 tubes per minute on hot-air tube operation. The Kx 1100 performs volumetric fills from 1 to 400 ml. The optional touch screen control can be preloaded with up to 75 product sizes and provides step-by-step instructions for changeover. Kalish, DT Industries Packaging Group, Montreal, QC, Canada.



Tube-filling and -closing systems combine high technology with operating simplicity. Unipac sealing and closing systems, which are available for metal, plastic, polyfoil, and laminate tubes, operate at speeds from 30 to 200 tubes per minute. Unipac tube fillers fulfill GMP standards; external machine parts are in stainless steel or nontoxic nickel process to facilitate maintenance. Romaco Inc., Morris Plains, NJ.



A fixed-speed tube filler and sealer is suitable for outputs of 25 tubes per minute. The Nordenmatic 250 is designed for filling and sealing plastic, plastic laminate, and aluminum laminate tubes of up to 50 mm in diam with a maximum filling volume of 300 ml. The machine codes and trims the tubes prior to discharge. The company also offers a range of other tube-filling machines. Norden Pac Machinery AB, Kalmar, Sweden.



An automatic tube filler and sealer handles a wide variety of tubes with diameters from 10 to 50 mm and lengths of 50 to 150 mm with cap. Speeds of up to 100 metal tubes per minute, or 65 polyethylene or laminated tubes per minute, can be achieved with the Colibri 1001. Volumetric fill is from 3 to 390 ml. The Colibri 1001 is constructed of heavy stainless steel for easy maintenance. Electric and safety systems are controlled by a PLC. Marchesini Packaging Machinery Inc., West Caldwell, NJ.



Tube-filling equipment is specifically designed with the needs of the pharmaceutical industry in mind. The company offers LVF tube fillers equipped with a man-machine interface, which is a PC-based touch screen control system. This upgraded control system provides visual and text display and features diagnostic alarms and resolution, a service manual, and production details such as programmed size changes and performance results. The tube-filling equipment handles creams, lotions, and pastes and accommodates metal, plastic, or laminate tubes. ProSys Div. of Reagent Chemical & Research, Webb City, MO.



Low- to medium-speed filling needs can be met with a tube filler. The TFS 10 is a competitively priced tube filler that works at intermediate to low speeds, based on the needs of contract packagers, private-label manufacturers, and small-run pharmaceutical product manufacturers. The TFS 10 automatically fills tubes at speeds of up to 60 tubes per minute. IWK Packaging Machinery Inc., Fairfield, NJ.

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