Tried-and-True Tubes

Tubes are improving in the areas of child resistance, tamper evidence, and dispensing capability.

Tubes are an old, reliable packaging format, but even this industry staple is undergoing renovation. Developing child-resistant closures is a challenge because tube materials are designed to be squeezed; however, manufacturers have overcome this difficulty to offer child-resistant and tamper-evident tubes. As tube graphics move from a medicinal to a more colorful, consumer look, manufacturers are offering advanced design capabilities to keep tubes in the running with competition.

A company develops and manufactures collapsible aluminum tubes for pharmaceutical and ethical cosmetic products. High-quality plastic laminate tubes for the OTC drug market are also available. The company's M-Deco process decorates aluminum tubes with photo-quality graphics. Montebello Packaging, Oak Park, IL.

Tubes manufactured for the healthcare industry include plastic and laminated forms. The tubes are available in a range of diameters from ½ to 2 in. The company offers single-layer polyethylene and polypropylene tubes, multilayer coextruded tubes, and laminated tubes made from polyethylene resins and aluminum foil that meet the strict barrier requirements of pharmaceutical products. Cebal Tubes North America, American National Can Co., Norwalk, CT.

Custom tubes for pharmaceutical and medical device packaging applications are available in paper and plastic. Finishing capabilities include precision-cut lengths, thermal end-forming, sonic-sealed ends, formed flat or rolled ends, and lateral seal polyester sleeving. The company offers printed tubes and custom sizes and colors. Stone Industrial, College Park, MD.

Plastic tubes have caps that snap off, twist off, and pierce to offer a range of packaging options. The Maxims snap-off tubes, Modoco twist-off tubes, and Pierce Pak pierce-to-open tubes can be filled with a variety of products. They are available in 1 to 5 ml sizes. Applications include intranasal drug administration, oral vaccine delivery, diagnostic test procedures, simultaneous delivery of two products, and packaging for ophthalmic ointment. C P Packaging, Jamesburg, NJ.

A plastic tube has a one-piece design that provides a twist-off, tamper-evident feature with a resealable cap. The MiniCap tube holds up to 1 oz and is well suited for multiuse medicated applications such as creams, lotions, ointments, and salves. Available with a barrier made of EVOH, the tube is ¾ in. in diam. Thatcher Tubes, Woodstock, IL.

A variety of tubes designed for pharmaceuticals are available in standard and customized styles. Tubes can be made from plastic, aluminum, laminates, or coextrusions. The injection-molded, twist-off plastic tubes offer tamper evidence and ease of opening; the shoulders of these tubes can be squeezed to press out the last bit of product. A color catalog of the company's products is available. Norden Packaging Co., Norden Inc., North Branch, NJ.

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