Tried and True Bottles & Closures

Color-coded and child-resistant closures find their match with bottles in various sizes and styles.  



Closure Systems

A company’s standard program provides a variety of individual packaging solutions by using various container and closure combinations. Emphasis is geared toward safety, protection of sensitive contents, and intelligent, user-friendly packaging systems. A variety of functional features, such as tamper evidence, child resistance, and highly active adsorption agents to obtain desired moisture contents, are available either as a combination or as single components. Sanner of America Inc., Cherry Hill, NJ; 856/988-6465;

Child-Resistant Closures

A child-resistant closure consists of a steel undercap with a polypropylene transparent overcap. The steel barrier properties of the closure, coupled with the company’s lithographic capabilities, provide a functional, marketable package, according to the company. Closures can be color-coordinated to the product, making them both appealing to the eye and easier for seniors to identify the correct bottle. Sizes include 24, 28, 33, 28, and 45 mm, all 400 finishes. Lining systems include heat induction and pressure sensitive. Penn-Wheeling Closure, Glen Dale, WV; 800/999-2567;

Pharmaceutical Rounds

A line of thick-wall HDPE pharmaceutical rounds is available in 100-, 180-, and 270-ml sizes. The containers have a minimum wall thickness of 0.050 in., more than double the thickness of standard bottles, according to the company. USP testing proves a significant reduction in moisture permeability with these bottles, thus increasing product shelf life. The thicker land area of the neck also provides additional surface contact for pressure-sensitive and heat-induction lining materials. The rounds are manufactured with a 38-400 neck finish with an “H” dimension, which accepts push down and turn child-resistant closures. O.Berk Co. and Kols Containers, Union, NJ; 908/851-9500;

PET Oblongs

A new style of PET wide-mouth oblong is available in two sizes. The 225-ml and 40-ml oblong packers are suitable for nutritional supplements, vitamins, pain relievers, and other forms of tablets and capsules sold over the counter. The 225-ml bottle features a 38-400 continuous-thread neck finish and the 40-ml bottle has a 28-400 neck. The company can provide closures for the bottles. Using existing platforms, the new bottle styles were built in response to customers who wanted a flat label panel instead of the curved label area of traditional round packers. The bottles’ rectangular base allows maximum label-panel width for both sizes of wide-mouth oblongs. Alpha Packaging, St. Louis; 314/427-4300;


Packaging bottles are constructed of a clear polypropylene copolymer resin that meets elevated chemical-resistance standards. This allows for a high-quality bottle that lets users see what’s inside without compromising the integrity of the contents. The bottles are available with a breakthrough HDPE tamper-evident closure system. It features a tear-away ring that stays on the bottle when the cap is removed. Once closed, the bottle cannot be opened without leaving the ring behind. Customers can order bottles with the proven leakproof company valve seal, a lined closure, or a lined closure with a foil-induction seal, all with the tamper-evident closure. Nalge Nunc International Corp., Rochester, NY; 800/625-4327;

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