TricorBraun Modernizes Sore Throat Spray Bottle

Updated packaging for Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray won a silver award in the health and beauty category at the New Jersey Packaging Executives Club’s 32nd Annual Package of the Year Awards.

Prestige Brands had approached TricorBraun ( in July 2008 looking to revitalize the look of the leading OTC. “The challenge was to update the design from the recognized triangular shaped bottle while retaining consumer recognition and meetings today’s retail shelf demands,” says Jennifer Nicosia, packaging consultant, TricorBraun.

TricorBraun design and engineering teams tested a number of designs to arrive at the final Hour Glass shape. The 6-oz PET Custom Oval 28-400 features the same gram weight PET of the earlier bottle.

“The new design modernizes the shelf presence and heightens size impression while offering a much more comfortable feel in consumers’ hands. Since this product is often used in the kitchen and bathroom, finger grips were added as a safety feature,” Nicosia says.

“The final package offers an elegant new iconic look to the brand that should carry it through a new generation of consumers,” she adds.

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