Thermoformers Create Packages of All Sizes

Thermoformers process a wide variety of materials and can make both large and small packages.

  A thermoform packaging machine is designed for automated packaging of medical devices. The MT2500 allows for the sealing dwell time, temperature, and pressure to be fully validated. The form-fill-seal machine offers quick-change tooling, a servomotor drive, and touch screen controls for rapid changeover and flexible operation. The MT2500's design allows for web widths from 11 to 25 in. that can be changed on-line, repeats up to 24 in., and draw depths down to 6 in. Doyen Medipharm Inc., Lakeland, FL.


A high-speed integrated blister packaging and cartoning system is designed for high-volume pharmaceutical packaging applications requiring versatility, flexibility, and ease of use. The Compacker-1200/Pacliner-3000 system operates at up to 600 blister packs per minute and is capable of thermoforming or cold-forming. The CP-1200 has a large format size range: blister packs may be up to 285 x 306 mm. In addition, the CP-1200 can be programmed to run 60 different package formats. Klöckner Medipak, Clearwater, FL.


A thermoformer provides self-sufficient operation at speeds of up to 300 blisters per minute. The UPS 1030 series of thermoformers are available in three versions: multistroke intermittent, multistroke continuous motion, and single stroke. Laser-guided web indexing measures the position of the formed blister web prior to sealing and automatically makes any necessary adjustments. The UPS 1030 also features servomotor control, fast changeover without tools, and space-saving compact design. Uhlmann Packaging Systems Inc., Towaco, NJ.


A blister packaging machine provides a maximum forming area of 300 x 300 mm. The equipment will handle PVC, PVC/Aclar, PVC/PVdC, PP, and aluminum. It will operate at up to 60 forming cycles, providing an output of up to 800 blisters per minute. All workstations have individual servo drives, and sensors keep track of proper web positioning. Aylward Enterprises Inc., New Bern, NC.


A blister packaging machine offers compact construction, high flexibility, and user-friendly operation. The Noack 900 features a GMP balcony structure, quick-release format parts, and automatic feeding systems. Two machine sizes are offered to accommodate 160 and 200 mm film width. The unit handles all normal thermoformable foils and films, including polypropylene and aluminum, reaching speeds of more than 300 blisters per minute. Romaco/Horn+Noack, Morris Plains, NJ.


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