Thermal Panel Design in Intelsius Shipper Enhances Performance

The Orcatherm thermal shipper from Intelsius (Elvington, York, United Kingdom; Indianapolis) features safe-to-handle bio-based PCM technology with optimal payload space.
Launched with the rebranding of DGP Group LTD’s packaging services business under the name Intelsius, Orcatherm is a heavy-duty system with a textured polycarbonate outer shell and thermal components that stand up to multiple uses.
Intelsius PCMs incur minimal degradation after hundreds of uses and reduce bio-impact in using renewable materials grown and extracted from plants, says Dr. Alex Roskoss (PhD., MPhys), global product development manager, Intelsius.
As an intrinsically safe material, it avoids issues that might arise in transportation across borders and in customs, and makes disposal and handling less complex.
“The PCMs were specified in our development with a major UK research university to be generally recognized as safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, and suitable for safe disposal through the general waste stream.
“The full range of our PCMs is specifically tailored to packaging designed for low environmental impact, increased thermal performance per kilo, and reuse,” Roskoss says.
Orcatherm uses a proprietary VIP design that sizes the panels for a high-efficiency fit.
The dimensions and thickness of the VIP panels are adjusted to provide optimal protection and reduce the total amount of heat conduction, improving the system’s overall thermal performance, Roskoss says.
“We are enabling the same payload in a smaller, lighter system, as the size of the PCMs and the foot print of the VIPs enable less dead space,” he says.
Orcatherm’s testing demonstrated 96 hours-plus of product protection in extreme conditions, 120 hours-plus under normal exposures.
Customers in three markets are trialing the solution: Investigational medicinal products (IMPs) in the clinical trial supply chain, high-potential-value clinical trial samples, and finished high-value bio and small-molecule drugs,
“Conventional packaging typically goes straight into the waste stream. In contrast, over its life span, Orcatherm enables massive savings in raw materials,” Roskoss says.
Intelsius has launched version 1.4 of its Analytical Thermal Modeling Software (ATMOS). The system incorporates standard ISTA temperature profiles with the capability to import up to 4,000 data points from a temperature data logger.
The software uses components from a preset list of items to assemble a thermal model of a shipping system with only a limited amount of input. Predictive models can be generated in less than three hours, reducing packaging development times by up to 70%.

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