Testing the Test Lab

Mocon Inc. has established multiple in-house package testing laboratories (in United States, Germany, China, and India) that allow companies to try out instrumentation before buying it. Capabilities include headspace, water vapor, leak rate and hole size determination, burst, creep, seal strength, heal sealing, hot-tack, coefficient of friction, vacuum decay, and shelf-life analysis.
Tests are conducted by a trained Mocon technician. Customers receive detailed reports showing the number of packages tested, how many samples were taken of each, the package size, the type of instrument used to conduct the test(s) (including the serial number), and the results from each sample. Included in the reports are photographs of customer packages attached to instruments during testing. Additionally, technicians explain how best to conduct testing and offer conclusions as to the quality and repeatability of the process.

Mocon testing labs have instrumentation in place to analyze a broad variety of package types, substrates, and components, including flexible structures, rigid bottles, foil seals, pouches, and more.

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