Testing Results Help Converter Develop Next-Generation Products

Through its OnSite packaging engineering service, Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging (Grand Rapids, MI) has been able to learn a lot about how converted products fare during package testing. Originally launched to support medical device manufacturers with packaging protocols and validation as well as regulatory and standards education, OnSite has given Oliver-Tolas engineers testing feedback to inform the company’s own product development.

Jane Severin, director of technology for Oliver-Tolas, says that two new products have grown out of such feedback: Ostasis (shown at right) and VisiSeal. “Our customers saw trays puncture pouches during performance testing, so we decided to reinforce traditional chevron pouches with Tyvek and devised Ostasis,” she explains. “MDMs often turn to more-expensive clear films such as nylon to gain the puncture resistance. Our solution, however, increases functionality while minimizing material costs.”

Oliver’s latest product, VisiSeal, which is launching in time for MD&M West 2010, employs a color change to alert MDMs as well as users to any breaches in the seal, even before the package has been opened. “We are improving confidence in the seal while reducing inspection costs,” says Severin. “We anticipate some online testing reductions.” Severin will be detailing VisiSeal and discussing other seal integrity issues during her MD&M West presentation, “The Importance of Seal Integrity and Verification for Sterile Medical Device Packaging,” scheduled for Monday, February 8.

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