Temperature-Controlled Sentry Services


Sentry Logistic Solutions (Indianapolis) has added temperature-controlled labeling, packaging, and kitting services for the bio-pharma industry to its On-Demand Services.

Custom finishing will be executed in validated temperature environments for reducing or eliminating the amount of time that product stays out of storage temperatures, says Mike Lewis, business development manager.

“As drug products and materials increasingly require temperature control, we are well positioned with these value-added services to decrease product risk and ensure integrity throughout the supply chain,” Lewis says. “Using our temperature-specific work zones, we can help clients minimize product excursion times.”

In the 3PL’s On Demand Services, product is inventoried, and then labeled and assembled against work orders. Sentry manages the packaging of multicomponent kits where components may have different temperature requirements or expiry dates.

“We provide our customers with the opportunity to save money on inbound freight and storage, without sacrificing any quality on final delivered products,” Lewis says.

The four-year-old 3PL exclusively serves the global pharma, biotech, and healthcare industries with CGMP-compliant storage facilities for APIs and finished product and cold-chain logistics support.


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