Tapemark Makes Packaging a Snap

Doses are dispensed using one hand with the single-use Snap! package.

Tapemark (West St. Paul, MN) is offering a single-use package that requires only one hand to open, offering convenience to healthcare providers and consumers.

The company has signed an exclusive worldwide agreement with Interactive Packaging Group, a sister company of Smyth Companies (Minneapolis) to manufacture the Snap! package for the drug, medical device, and consumer markets. Made by Smyth for markets such as food and beverage and personal care, Snap! has not before been available for products requiring FDA-compliant GMP manufacturing.

Snap! offers a unique format for primary packaging, market trials, or promotional sampling of OTC and prescription creams, gels, and lotions. Tapemark has the exclusive rights to Snap! packaging for prescription drugs, says Vamsee Venuturumilli, business, technical, and systems development manager, Tapemark.

“We are already developing projects with pharmaceutical companies, and have seen a lot of interest in the Snap! package,” says Venuturumilli.

The package features a flexible side and a scored rigid side that dispenses product when the system is flexed. The design dispenses virtually the complete contents. Tapemark will offer four standard sizes in 1, 2, 3.5, and 4.9 ml, and custom sizes with fill volumes ranging from 0.25 ml to 5 ml. Materials will be selected to meet required MVTR barrier specifications, Venuturumilli says.

Tapemark significantly modified a line for production and plans new equipment investment to meet increasing demand, he adds.


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