System Keeps Blood Chilled Longer

A new transporting system by Laminar Medica (Hertfordshire, UK) has been shown to keep blood chilled longer than the previous system�s 3�4 hours. The system, called the Thermoporter, reportedly saves money as well as blood. It has been tested at Glostrup Hospital (Copenhagen, Denmark), from which workers have been able to return unused blood to the Copenhagen blood bank.

The Thermoporter is made from three-ply nylon stuffed with padded insulating material. This material has 5�8 times as much insulation as up-foamed polystyrene. It also reduces total transport costs, according to the company. In addition, the shipping system has a flat-pack design, which is meant for ease of storage. That also means the system can be quickly returned to base after a delivery.

According to the company, the Thermoporter is designed for the transport of vaccines, clinical specimens, and similar temperature-sensitive items. The system�s use of vacuum insulation panels significantly reduces the weight of the box, which is locked together with a system of Velcro strips. It also includes tamper-evident seals.

Thermoporter also reportedly offers a greater volume of usable space than existing packs, due to the use of the insulated panels. They are filled with silica dioxide and provide insulation that is as effective as polystyrene, though taking up a smaller volume of space. Panels are inserted in pockets on the internal walls of the container. 

In addition to courier work, the box is designed for use by paramedics and nurses. It can be validated to maintain stable temperatures for multiple openings. It can maintain temperatures of 2�8�C for up to two days.

The Thermoporter was officially released this past fall, following a seven-month validation program. The program was started by Vingmed, a Danish supplier of medical equipment to blood banks, and was overseen by a senior doctor and senior laboratory technician at the Copenhagen blood bank. Currently, there are 10 Thermoporters in circulation between the blood bank and Golstrup hospital. The system is on schedule to be tested with two other hospitals in the same group.

Laminar Medica designs and manufactures validated shippers for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.


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