Sturdy Blister Materials

Blisters are fast becoming the packaging format of choice.

Packaging tablets, capsules, gel caps, and caplets in blisters offers manufacturers a variety of benefits. Blisters encourage patient compliance, provide a convenient format for accurate and portable dispensing, and offer an effective moisture and light barrier to protect product efficacy and extend shelf life.

Blister backing materials include paper/foil laminates, unsupported push-through foils, and cold-formable and child-resistant structures. The foils meet a variety of product storage, distribution, and sterilization requirements for all types of blister packages. Heat-seal coatings formulated in-house provide reliable performance for peelable openings or permanent seals for push-through blisters. Foils are easily sealable to PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/Aclar, PET, PP, and Barex. Hueck Foils LLC, Manasquan, NJ.

Blister packaging films are specially developed for use with pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Compared to conventional three-layer laminations, two-layer Pentapharm Aclar vinyl film eliminates a layer of polyethylene, resulting in reduced haze value, less scrap, and up to 25% more linear feet per roll. Other products include Pentamed rigid vinyl, PETG, APET, and Barex film as well as PVDC-coated and laminated barrier films. Under the fully reclaimable Optima system, the company will buy back edge trim from those customers who purchase both Pentapharm blister packaging films and Optilid push-through vinyl lid stock. Optilid offers the same printability, sealability, and machinability of foil lid stock yet enhances package flatness, thereby permitting faster cartoning. Klöckner Pentaplast of America Inc., Gordonsville, VA.

A child-resistant package developed for tablets and capsules features a built-in compliance feature to help patients take medications properly. To use the Slide Pack, patients punch out the perforated section on the card to expose a clearly marked circular opening. The patient then inserts a finger into the opening and slides the plastic to the right, exposing the foil backing behind the blisters. While holding the card in this position, the patient uses the other hand to simply push medication through the foil from the blister cavity. The Slide Pack can be adapted to meet specific package designs or other requirements. Packaging Coordinators Inc., Philadelphia, PA.

Specialty plastic packaging films are cost-effective options for the healthcare industry. Films include moisture-barrier Aclar films, which are constantly being refined to provide an attractive cost/performance ratio; clear, sealable Aclam laminations for replacing foil; OxyShield nylon-based coextrusions for protection against oxygen and other gases; and Capran Emblem biax nylon, which is strong and resistant to chemicals. AlliedSignal Specialty Films, Morristown, NJ.

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