Sterilizers Work Quickly and Efficiently

Sterilizers provide expedient, cost-effective decontamination.

A dry-heat sterilizer is designed for speed. The SD dry-heat sterilizer features significantly faster heat-up and cooldown rates than conventional dry-heat sterilizers. The heat-up cycle takes the oven from 20° to 260°C in 15 minutes, compared with between 45 minutes and 2 hours for conventional units. The cooldown cycle provides a similar reduction in processing time. The oven maintains Class 1000 conditions throughout the processing cycle. An optional touch screen with PLC is available. Comprehensive IQ and OQ validation support reduces the time and effort required for validation and start-up. Despatch Industries, Minneapolis, MN.


A sterilization management and analytical laboratory offers a range of sterilization services. Sterilization and testing techniques include EtO, gamma, electron beam, and x-ray. Experts in the fields of sterilization, regulatory affairs, and medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing offer their knowledge and experience to provide an economical, expedient cycle for products. IBA Medical Sterilization and Analytical Laboratories Div., Chicago, IL.

Test and validation sterilizers were developed in response to regulations for sterilization validation, which require manufacturers to interrupt production to develop and validate sterilization methods. The ILS20 BIER steam sterilizers comply with the ISO standards for indicator validation. H & W Technology LLC, Rochester, NY.

Contamination prevention and control products and services are designed for the pharmaceutical and medical device markets. The VHP 1000–series biodecontamination system is a self-contained hydrogen peroxide vapor generator designed for the decontamination of clean, hard, dry surfaces. Steris Corp., Scientific Div., Mentor, OH. 

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