Sterilizable Bags & Pouches

Custom made or preformed, bags and pouches offer barrier and moisture protection.



Suitable for medical and pharmaceutical applications, preformed pouches provide good moisture and gas barrier and puncture protection. They are available in a variety of laminate foil structures and sizes for immediate delivery. Versions sterilizable via radiation, autoclave, and EtO are available, as well as easy tear-open or peel features. Pouches or rollstock are available in small or large runs, unprinted or printed up to six colors. Technipaq Inc., Crystal Lake, IL; 815/477-1800;

Custom Pouches

A company manufactures custom barrier pouches from a wide range of laminates including foil. The pouches are constructed to keep the moisture level constant inside the pouch. These three-sided, sealed pouches with a heat-sealable bottom for easy insertion of product will keep items dry or moist according to specifications. Flexible pouches offer convenience and economy and reduce inventory space. They are noted for short runs and excellent turnaround. Custom options include tear notches, tear strings, hang holes, and tamper-evident closures. Custom printing is available from simple line printing up to eight-color process on one or both sides. LPS Industries Inc., Moonachie, NJ; 800/275-6577;

Sterilizable Pouches

Self-seal sterilizable breathable pouches are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3 X 9 to 12 X 18 in. The self-seal pouches have a 3/4-in. medical-grade tape for easy, complete closure. They are composed of #42 bleached surgical kraft paper back-sealed to polyester/blue-tint polypropylene. Using the self-seal breathable pouches ensures aseptic presentation and sterilization. The self-seal breathable pouches are capable of autoclave sterilization as well as EtO. The pouches come unprinted; however, customers may add their own label or request a quote for preprinting. Qosina, Edgewood, NY; 631/242-3000;

Core-Peel Pouches

A company introduces its next generation of breathable pouches. The pouches consist of uncoated Tyvek sealed to polyester coextrusion, coated with Core-Peel technology. The separate seal and peel layers of Core-Peel produce a true fiber-free peel, unlike traditional pouches made of uncoated Tyvek. Benefits include a reduced risk of contamination and a shorter EtO sterilization cycle. The pouches can be sealed over a wide temperature range. Options include printed or unprinted custom sizes, a chevron design, a pouch loading lip, and custom notching. Rexam Healthcare Flexibles, Mundelein, IL; 847/362-9000;  

Isotech Bags

Custom bags are manufactured to meet the specific requirements of a customer's individual application. Isotech bags are designed to perform as a protective barrier for the product. They are developed to be used with aseptic systems, such as barrier isolators and automated filling lines. Transfer bags, port bags, and waste bags are custom made in a clean environment for use in the pharmaceutical industry. Features include permanent non-destruct seals; custom designs, styles, and sizes; port assembly; and select materials including Tyvek, films, and foils. Sterilization methods, maximum weight capacities, printing capabilities, and other properties are contingent upon size and material combinations selected. Tolas Health Care Packaging, Feasterville, PA; 215/322-7900;   

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