Secondary and tertiary packaging systems operate to fit in all your products’ needs.





A series of cartoners features a variety of speed options ranging from 70 to 500 cases per minute. The S-series cartoners are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. They incorporate a system that opens cartons before they reach the transport lug, eliminating the possibility of unopened cartons entering the machine. A custom-engineered infeed system enables multiple components of varying sizes and shapes to be loaded into the same carton. The cartoners also feature servo-driven technology. IWKA Pac Systems, Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-5575; www.iwkapacsystems.com.

Servo-Controlled Cartoner

A cartoner features intermittent processing with the precision of servo-controlled carton pick-up and erection. The C 2155 cartoner can output from 25 to 150 cartons per minute. It comes with a touch screen monitor that has visual operator instructions. The unit, which has GMP-compatible cantilevered construction, is self cleaning. Uhlmann, Towaco, NJ; 973/402-8855; www.uhlmann-usa.com.

Case Erector

A case erector produces 10 cases per minute while holding each case square and erect throughout the process. The C-300 can erect and tape case blanks with unglued seams or irregularities that can jam other machines. Its standard features include a powered infeed magazine and automatic case-on-demand operation. The powered infeed allows the low, horizontal magazine position for easier loading and ensures consistent feeding of single blanks until the magazine is empty. No machine components have to be unbolted or manually pushed into position for setup or changeover. The machine handles single-wall, regular-slotted, and half-slotted cases. The C-300 can handle a minimum case size of 77¼8 in. long × 57¼8 in. wide × 37¼8 in. high and a maximum case size of 195¼8 in. long × 133¼4 in. wide × 203¼4 in. high. Lantech.com, Louisville, KY; 800/866-0322; www.lantech.com. 

Wallet Packer

A continuous-motion packing machine designed for wallet cards can produce up to 200 heat-sealed wallets or up to 300 hot-melt-sealed wallets per minute. The PEWO-Wallet uses vacuum cups to pick up multipaneled blanks from the magazine and place them into a flighted chain. One or more blisters, booklets, or leaflets are then fed onto the flat blank. After the panels are either heat-sealed or hotmelt closed, the final fold can be taped closed and passed to a subsequent packing machine. The machine’s infeed configuration provides for direct linking with a thermoformer or manual infeed of blisters from cassettes. The balcony-style design allows for easy cleaning. Pester USA, Allendale, NJ; 201/327-7009; www.pester.com.

Balcony Cartoner

An intermittent-motion horizontal cartoner features a balcony design and has an output of up to 90 cartons per minute. The P91 offers a range of automatic feed systems for different products, such as blisters, bottles, and tubes. The design also accommodates ancillary equipment, such as leaflet and liner feeders. The machine is engineered for three-shift operation. The drives of the machine are readily accessible and are completely segregated from the product path. The cartoner is 3 m long and features a PLC and a touch screen panel. It can also store and recall formats, and it can complete adjustments without the use of tools, which minimizes downtime in changeover. Romaco, Inc., Pompton Plains, NJ; 973/616-0440; www.romaco.com.

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