Specialized Inserts & Outserts

Roll and folded inserts and outserts accommodate increasing amounts of information.


Folded Inserts and Outserts


A company is equipped with the latest in miniature-folding equipment for the production of conventional folded package inserts, miniature-folded inserts, RTA outserts, and ribbon package outserts. A state-of-the-art cut-and-stack feeder allows for the conversion of booklets, instructional sheets, coupons, and leaflets into laminated onserts for dispensing like standard pressure-sensitive labels. In turn, these items can be applied to cartons, brochures, or containers to enhance informational areas. Altwood, Elmwood Park, NJ; 201-794-7855; info@altwood.com.


Inserts and outserts on a roll consist of a micro-folded printed pamphlet with right-angle folds glued closed and affixed to a pressure-sensitive label. This construction allows customers to fit a large amount of information into a tiny amount of space. Pamphlets are offset printed on very light papers, such as 28 lb. Single-color or four- color process is available. Some constructions come with a special two-ply dry-release base, which allows the end-user to easily remove the pamphlet for sticky-free storage in a pocket or purse. The inserts/outserts are suitable for patient instructions and directions for use. They are produced on rolls for automatic or manual application. J H Bertrand, Buffalo, NY; 716/631-9201; jhbertrand@aol.com.

Multicolor Inserts and Outserts

A company offers multicolor insert and outsert printing capabilities in up to six colors on various weights of stock from 30 to 50 lb. Sizes can be up to 38 in. long, and folds are offered in various styles with a minimum of 1 1Ž8 x 1 in. Accurate folding is provided to meet the most exacting measurements. The company can also glue in-line. Inserts and outserts are shipped in special trays after rigid count requirements are met. For pharmaceutical clients, Pharmacode scanning and IC Mark registration are used. Creative Press Inc., Evansville, IN; 812/422-4104; www.creativepress.com.

Booklet Folder

A right-turn-angle booklet folder addresses increasing customer demands for new designs. The equipment has quality features that improve accuracy and appearance and eliminate the chance of having missing or turned pages. In-line scanning ensures accuracy, and advanced trimming capability provides a uniform appearance to the booklet's edges. The folder equipment is compliant with CGMPs. Arlington Press, an Impaxx company, Lakewood, CA; 562/497-4420; www.impaxx.com.

Printed Inserts and Outserts

A manufacturer of printed pharmaceutical inserts and outserts has full in-house capabilities and segregated production rooms providing maximum quality control. Electronic and vision scanning systems are located throughout the manufacturing process. All inserts and outserts are produced on highly specialized, multicolor web presses with in-line sheeting. Variable-repeat presses allow for cost-effective flexibility for insert sizing and production, and specialized equipment allows for exact counts of flat-sheet, folded, and roll outserts. The company offers folding capabilities for all common folds and most specialized folds. Cardinal Health, Philadelphia, PA; 215/613-3001; www.cardinal.com/pkg.

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