Smart bottles and closures

These capping devices enhance ergonomics for user safety.



One-Dose Pill Dispenser

A manufacturer offers a plastic capping device that dispenses only one pill or dosage at a time and fits existing bottles and containers. The bottle needs to be turned upside down for dispensing. A child-resistant tab is provided. The device is designed to improve hygiene, safety, and senior friendliness. It has a mechanism that ensures that only one pill or dosage is dispensed at a time. The user opens the cover tab, twists the upside-down bottle while holding the cap, and a single pill falls out of the bottle into the user’s hand. The dispenser can be customized to fit a specific bottle. Talisman Technologies LLC, Plainview, NY; 516/692-6100;

Bench Crimper

A bench-top vial-cap crimper features a built-in crimp-adjustment dial that allows an operator to make incremental adjustments as fine as 0.15 mm to compensate for seal or septa thickness. The Micro-XL 4300 can keep track of settings for precise, repeatable crimping and decapping of vials and bottles. The crimper uses interchangeable heads that screw in and out. Crimper heads are available in sizes ranging from 7.5 to 43 mm. The levered cam is designed for smooth and simple operation. Kebby Industries Inc., Rockford, IL; 815/963-1466;

Desiccant Basket

A manufacturer offers a desiccant basket that fits into standard containers. The basket enables pharmacists to quickly and easily retrieve desiccants from reconstitutable drug packaging without touching the pharmaceutical compound. The basket rests above powders and can be modified to rest above pills, capsules, or tablets. It is designed to absorb moisture from the largest air mass in the container to ensure moisture-free contents. The basket resides completely within the neck of the bottle, allowing the use of different lining materials, including heat-seal liners. It works with stock and custom tamper-evident closures, child-resistant closures, and screw caps without affecting closure torque. The basket support stem can be molded to any specified length or removed to rest over solid-dose products as a rayon or cotton replacement. It is injectionmolded in an polypropylene resin that can be custom colored. The company also offers glass, plastic, and metal containers and closures. O. Berk Co., Union, NJ; 908/851-9500;

Vacuum Cap

A vacuum cap is designed to prevent oxygen and moisture damage to bottled products. The plastic cap creates and maintains a vacuum inside the container. The dispensing mechanism is able to release a single portion into a vial or bottle while preserving the vacuum on the remaining product in the container. This keeps the product from being contaminated by air or human contact. A child-resistant mechanism can be added to the cap. Shlovbc Ltd., Pardes-Hanna, Israel; +972 52 3629911.



















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