Smaller Carton, More Details in Redesign

Daphne Allen

To promote patient safety and convenience, Baxter Healthcare Corp. has redesigned the packaging and labeling for Advate. Advate is approved to prevent and control bleeding episodes in patients with hemophilia A.

Advate’s redesigned carton is a reduction in overall size by more than 60%, explains a spokesperson for the company. Users can now fit three of the new Advate boxes into the space of one of the old, allowing for easier storage, says a company spokesperson.

Both the new and original cartons open via a front flap. The new box includes built-in section dividers to hold the contents in place. In the old box, the carton containing the infusion ancillaries provided structure; the ancillaries have been taken out in the new box. There is no change in carton shape or in the number of panels.

Despite the size reduction, Baxter was able to retain the same amount of marketing information. In fact, the company was able to add lot and potency info on each unit carton’s top panel. Color-coded potency squares have been added—blue for low potency (250 IU/vial), peach for mid-potency (500 IU/vial), green for high potency (1000 IU/vial), and purple for super-high potency (1500 IU/vial). This makes it easy to see the difference between potencies and allows customers and patients to quickly grab the carton they need. Originally, bar codes appeared only on the factor bottles inside the box, providing information on product code and potency. New packaging includes a new label on the top panel of the box with a bar code that provides product code, potency, expiration date, and lot number.

The factor bottles inside the box will also have bar codes with this information.

Baxter hopes the redesign will ease home use and storage.


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