Sliding into First U.S. Burgopak Production


The Burgopak features an information insert that stays attached to the package.

Burgopak Ltd. has licensed automated production of its patented Burgopak to McKesson RxPak (Memphis). In 2009, Burgopak will deliver specialized equipment to RxPak built by Bosch Sigpack in Switzerland. RxPak will be able to produce in excess of 20 million units on each machine.

The Burgopak package presents its contents to users through a sliding feature that reveals a blister pack and a panel that can hold literature inserts or other information. Burgopak’s PocketPak design was recognized by the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council with the 2006 Compliance Package of the Year award. “There are three key components to Burgopak,” explains Mark Symonds, Burgopak’s director of global automation: the blister package, the leaflet attached to the slide-open component, and the outer package. “Because all three components are always together, there is no incentive to discard the insert, because it doesn’t get in the way.”

Single and double blister designs are available; in the double-blister version, the second blister slides out to reveal both the attached leaflet and the blister foil.

McKesson plans to produce a new child-resistant, senior-friendly version of Burgopak, which is currently being tested according to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission protocol.

“The Burgopak is a unique package with a lot of branding opportunity that we will use conjunctively with the innovative medication adherence solutions being delivered by the McKesson Patient Relation Solutions business,” says Kevin Carter, sales executive, McKesson RxPak. “In physician’s office sampling, our TrialScript and LoyaltyScript cards can be incorporated into the package for providing manufacturers’ copay discounts.”

Symonds calls Burgopak “minimalist” in terms of its footprint. “Burgopak uses the least amount of space,” he says. The double-blister version uses the same amount of cardboard as the single-blister version. The ultimate size depends upon the dimensions of the product to be packaged, and the Bosch Sigpack machine does have limits, but Symonds says that the machine was designed to fit most pharmaceutical projects. “We have discussed the commonly demanded formats with McKesson and are confident that the machine can handle them. In addition, the machine design is flexible enough for tooling to be redesigned to handle larger formats.” Symonds notes that “a 5-mm-thick blister as well as a 10–15-mm-thick booklet can fit into Burgopak.”

The Bosch Sigpack machine will deliver high production efficiency by combining core technologies in product handling, feeding systems, and carton forming with the patented processes for operations unique to Burgopak packaging.

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