Shipping Materials Provide Protection at a Reasonable Cost

Shipping materials are designed for a high level of performance to protect delicate or temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Insulated EPS containers incorporate sidewall channels and standoff floor pads to allow for uniform temperature control throughout the cooler and to keep condensation away from the product being insulated. The Thermalok line is currently available in several sizes and can be customized for special applications. The lids are secured with a tight friction fit, and their tongue-in-groove interlock design minimizes heat loss. The Thermalok line is designed especially to protect perishable items such as pharmaceuticals. Polyfoam Corp., Northbridge, MA.

Vacuum insulation technology is utilized to achieve a shipping system insulation value of up to R-36. The Deep Chill shipper system provides an increased capacity and an extended shipping time without adding additional shipping weight. A brochure is available that describes the multiple components of the shipper. The Deep Chill box combines vacuum insulation panels and custom-molded EPS. Test results have shown that the Deep Chill can hold contents below ­10°C for more than 96 hours without the use of dry ice. Polyfoam Packers Corp., Wheeling IL.

A packaging machine converts three-ply kraft paper into lightweight cushions that protect items during shipping. The pad insertion system option for the AutoPad packaging system allows for unattended operation of a packaging station. The unit automatically inserts protective pads into the top or bottom of a carton as the carton moves along the conveyor line. It can distinguish between different box sizes and create cushions to fit boxes of different sizes on the same production line. Ranpak Corp., Concord Township, OH.

A combination EPS/VIP shipper will maintain a critical temperature range for approximately 100 hours. This unit has a 1-in. outer wall of expanded polystyrene (EPS), a 1/2-in. vacuum insulation panel (VIP), and a 3/4-in. inner wall of EPS. This combination gives maximum protection to the VIP while helping control the descent rate of the payload as it is affected by the cooling agent. The exterior dimensions of 16 x 12 x 9 in. mean that the user will not be charged dimensional weight, which affords a cost savings on shipping charges. Plastilite, Omaha, NE.

A pallet shipper offers reduced shipping charges and increased effectiveness in controlling temperature. The RePak insulated pallet shipper provides a collapsible, reusable, reduced-weight, refrigerant-ready container. The RePak has inner EPS wall panels with custom grooves for the company's Cryo Gel refrigerants and corrugated outer walls. The company offers custom sizes to meet specific needs. TCP/Reliable Inc., Edison, NJ.

Air pillows protect products using less weight and less volume than polyethylene pillows, according to the company. Air bags created by the Airfil 1200 system can be used for shock absorption when shipping products. Compact and portable, the Airfil 1200 may be used in most locations within a facility. High-quality seals ensure that pillows stay inflated during transit. Airfil U.S.A. Inc., Clarkston, MI.

A vacuum insulation core provides a high level of temperature stability during shipping. Instill vacuum insulation core is used as a filler in vacuum insulation panels (VIPs), and it can provide an insulating potential of three to seven times greater than conventional insulating systems. Instill core is specifically formulated to minimize the convective, conductive, and radiative components of heat transfer while meeting the functional needs of a VIP core material. Instill may be used effectively in insulated shipping containers. The Dow Chemical Co., Midland, MI.

A humidity indicator measures humidity conditions for various types of barrier packaging. Capable of indicating humidity levels ranging from 5 to 60%, humidity-indicating cards are often used in conjunction with a desiccant and a moisture barrier bag when shipping sensitive items. The company provides a full line of standard and custom desiccant products. Next-day shipping of the cards is available. Desiccare Inc., Santa Fe Springs, CA.

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