A Shift in Labeling

Daphne Allen
SecureShift ink can be used in labeling and in packaging such as bottles and blisters.

Label producer CCL Label Inc. (Framingham, MA) has partnered with JDSU (San Jose, CA) to add another dimension to its brand authentication technology. JDSU provides SecureShift, an ink that has been used for many years for security printing of currency, passports, and other documents, says Robert Ryckman, vice president of sales for CCL Label’s Healthcare Group (Hightstown, NJ). CCL Label Inc. has become the first JDSU SecureShift Authorized Partner to gain the ability to supply labels for pharmaceutical brand protection applications utilizing JDSU’s SecureShift inks. 

SecureShift ink employs Optically Variable Pigment technology pioneered by JDSU. According to the firm, this pigment has been used for banknotes in more than 90 countries. Examples on the firm’s Web site show samples that shift between two distinct colors, such as from rose to green and from jade to violet.

As an authorized partner, CCL now has the ability to incorporate JDSU’s unique SecureShift security technology into its labels that are made in 47 production facilities in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Ryckman says that CCL Label has customized current equipment to handle the SecureShift ink.

“It is clear to us how valuable JDSU’s SecureShift technology will be for our own customers,” adds John Pedroli, group vice president, U.S. Label Division, CCL Label Inc.  “Now that we are an authorized SecureShift partner we can enhance our offering to meet the growing needs of our customers for state-of-the-art, brand authentication capabilities.”

SecureShift can be used on labels, as a dedicated security label or part of existing labeling; packaging, including blister packs, boxes, or bottles; closures, including foil induction seals and shrink sleeves; and molded plastics as part of a product or package. SecureShift’s manufacturing, supply, and distribution are tightly controlled.

Ryckman says that several projects are underway with large pharmaceutical companies.



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