Sharps Compliance, Daniels Sharpsmart Form Medical Waste Alliance

The two companies will offer mail-back and pick-up service for clients with varying medical waste loads.

Sharps Compliance Corp. and Daniels Sharpsmart Inc. recently announced they have formed a joint marketing alliance. Sharps is a leading full-service provider of cost-effective mail-back/ship-back solutions designed for the proper management and treatment of medical waste as well as used healthcare products. Daniels is a world-wide leader in sharps containment and medical waste management.

Sharps and Daniels will offer Sharps’ mail-back/ship-back solutions for small quantity generators of medical waste and used healthcare products. In addition, Daniels will offer its route-based pickup services for the larger quantity generators of medical waste. The services can also be blended to include both of the company’s offerings, thus, providing the most efficient and cost-effective solution to meet the needs of all types of health care organizations.

“By combining our easy-to-use and cost-effective Sharps® Recovery and TakeAway™ Recovery Systems with Daniels, we believe we can serve the entire U.S. marketplace with the most cost-effective option for managing sharps disposal, medical waste and used healthcare product treatment,” said President and CEO of Sharps Compliance David P. Tusa. “When our offerings are blended for larger operations that may have multiple-sized facilities, we believe our customers would receive the most efficient and cost-effective solution available in the market today.”

“As a global leader in sharps and medical waste management, we frequently run across opportunities where smaller quantities of medical waste are generated that are well suited for Sharps’ line of solutions,” said Chief Executive Officer Markus Koch. “Combined with our focus on healthcare operations that generate larger quantities of medical waste, we believe the marketing arrangement will effectively serve customers with multiple-sized operations through a combination of route-based pickup and mail-back / ship-back solutions. We are confident that this alliance can be successful because both organizations place a high value on customer service, safety and protecting the environment.”

Sharps and Daniels have focused on identifying means to reduce the environmental impact caused by the generation and disposal of medical waste. Daniels was the first company to develop a reusable Sharpsmart system, which was launched in 1999, and is believed to be the world’s safest and most environmentally responsible sharps management system. Generally, the use of reusable sharps containers is likely to reduce the volume of plastic in sharps waste by more than 25% when compared with other disposable sharps container systems.

Sharps patented Waste Conversion Process repurposes used needles, syringes, lancets, used healthcare materials and medical waste, once destined for a landfill, into PELLA-DRX. Shredded and sterilized sharps medical waste and used healthcare materials are compressed into clean, safe and compact PELLA-DRX pellets which are then used as an industrial resource with BTU content greater than coal. Thus far, Sharps has repurposed over 730 million syringes into a material that is powering more than 250 homes per year through a waste-to-energy facility.

“Together, we provide safe and proper containment, collection, transportation and treatment of needles, syringes and regulated medical waste for the largest hospitals as well as the individual who requires self-injectable medications for their health and well-being,” said Tusa. “We believe this is a formidable combination that provides better choices for the healthcare market.”

Source: Sharps Compliance Corp.

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