Shape Custom Packages with Thermoformers

Efficient high-speed machines maximize packaging productivity.

A continuous-motion blister thermoformer is designed for high-speed operation and GMP compliance and has simple, clean ergonomic features. The small-footprint MB451 integrates the balcony concept into the design of each of its modular stations. Principal elements of the machine are an easy-to-understand control system and a forming station that offers both a processing environment isolated from the atmosphere and easy access to the forming web. The filling station can be cleaned quickly and set up by any operator. Other key features of the thermoformer are a distinctive dynamic-platen sealing station and a final station designed to eliminate waste from blister crosscut. Marchesini Packaging Machinery Inc., West Caldwell, NJ.

A line of thermoform-fill-seal medical packaging machines is fully validatable. R230 and R530 machines can handle flexible, semirigid, and foil forming webs along with film, paper, Tyvek, and foil top webs. They can be supplied with an Allen-Bradley PLC and a variety of on-line printing and labeling options. The manufacturer also makes tray sealers, cross-web and in-line labelers, and vacuum-chamber pouch sealers. Multivac, Kansas City, MO.

A high-capacity blister machine can produce 800 blisters per minute by means of double-web processing or 1200 blisters per minute when a triple web is used. The modular TLT 2800 S consists of a basic machine supported by several standard assemblies and peripheral components, such as inspection systems, printers, and code readers, as well as optional features. In addition, systems customized for specific applications can be provided. The machine is designed to have three separate zones with a clear division between the production and drive rooms; the product feed chamber is completely enclosed and can be either supplied or retrofitted with an air-conditioning unit for the benefit of hygroscopic products. The 6.50 x 1.30-m thermoformer is controlled via an industrial PC, offers toolless size changeover that can be per- formed in about 50 minutes. It has doors that open at the push of a button to facilitate changeover, cleaning, and assembly and disassembly of components. Bosch Packaging Technology Inc., Minneapolis, MN.

A stainless-steel thermoformer is designed for cost-conscious pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and diagnostic applications, such as generic pharmaceutical and contract packagers. According to the company, the CP-3 is the only production-sized form-fill-seal machine in its price category with American-made electricals. The machine runs all common and alternative blister and lidding materials. With a format size range of 200 x 140 mm and a forming depth of up to 40 mm, the CP-3 features a user-friendly touch screen, a variable-speed drive, and a cam-driven workstation. Klöckner Medipak, Clearwater, FL.

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