Sealers Offer More Control Than Ever

Touch screen controls and validatable systems make the packager's job easier.


Two benchtop tube sealers handle a wide range of tube sizes in short-run production cycles and are suited for laboratory, clinical trial, or sampling programs. The single-tube Model TC-L and multiple-tube Model TP-30 feature simple push-button operation. The machines uniformly crimp any laminated plastic tube up to 30 in. long by 12 in. high. The tube sealers are designed to serve as cost-effective laboratory-scale alternatives to larger, more expensive sealing equipment. Scientific Instruments & Technology Corp., Englishtown, NJ.

A fixed-speed, continuous hot-air sealer meets the requirements of FDA process validation guidelines. The medical sealer does not use Teflon-coated bands, which means less replacement cost and a decrease in downtime. The absence of bands also means fewer particulates in the cleanroom. The sealing temperature is fully PID controlled, and the seal pressure is air regulated, allowing for complete system calibration of the dynamic parameters that affect the seal integrity. O/K International Corp., Marlborough, MA.

A two-station medical heat sealer features the ability to control 10 of the company's heat sealers from one PC. The two-acquisition heat sealer is designed to meet the stringent process validation requirements of medical tray packaging. Operators can use the system's recipe management of setup parameters for fast, accurate changeovers. Alloyd Company, Inc., DeKalb, IL.

A validatable tabletop heat sealer is designed to provide high seal quality while remaining cost-effective. The MPS 6340 continuous rotary heat sealer is suited for lightweight applications of pouches up to 8 oz. Its adjustable head handles sealing angles from 0° to 45°. Teflon bands ensure high-quality, clean seals. The unit uses air-pressurized heating and cooling bars, and a fully digital control panel manages temperature, pressure, and speed. The MPS also offers audio alarms, an external thermocouple jack, and reverse feed for the validation of the sealing parameters. Emplex Systems Inc., Scarborough, ON, Canada.

Impulse bag-sealing equipment is fully validatable, requires no outside air, and uses a Hitachi microprocessor to measure the sealing parameters for ease of validation. The Fuji Impulse machine features a series of alarm codes to lock out the unit in the event that the desired sealing parameters are unable to be met. The medical pouch sealer is activated by a tray switch, a foot switch, or a user-defined semiautomated mode. Van der Stähl Scientific Inc., Wrightwood, CA.

A tabletop sealer provides many of the advantages of its larger counterpart. The standard PVT Med sealer comes with 20-, 25-, and 30-in.-long seal bars that provide a 5/16-in.-wide seal. Its high seal pressure provides consistent seals over a wide range of bag materials, and its selector switch allows the lower jaw element to be turned on and off. The PVT Med is validatable and calibratable. Packaging Aids Corp., San Rafael, CA.

A medical tray sealer has a powered shuttle to increase productivity. The validatable sealer features polished 304 stainless-steel construction and is equipped with powered shuttles that advance the tooling into and out of the seal press automatically. Process controls and alarms ensure that packages are manufactured to specified operating limits. Calibrated instrumentation includes contact dwell timer, temperature controller, thermocouple, and pressure transducers and gauges. EMD Products LLC, Libertyville, IL.

Heat sealers are designed primarily for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The Models PW5200 and PW3600 precision sealers produce consistent seals and can be validated. The heat-seal band is also the temperature sensor, which ensures accuracy and repeatability. Time, temperature, and pressure are monitored with the RES-470 controller. Failure to meet the preset parameters will activate an alarm and shut the machine down. Packworld USA, Nazareth, PA.

Sealers for midrange volumes are available in models ranging from rotary tables to shuttle tables. The Series KST shuttle table features a dual servomotor press and shuttle action, which is suitable for a cleanroom environment. The KST allows for RF or thermocontact sealing and cutting, or a combination of both, allowing the sealing of a wide range of materials. Three sizes are available. A complete line of automatic standard and custom in-line machines is available for the packaging industry. Kiefel Technologies, Hampton, NH.

A medical tray sealer has fully integrated, network-compatible Windows NT data acquisition software capabilities that include real-time monitoring and recording of time, temperature, and pressure for every seal cycle. The BMPC medical tray sealer features a large, easy-to-read touch screen display, which simplifies setup and seal monitoring. The dual shuttle permits independent time and pressure setup to ensure flexibility and productivity. Belco Packaging Systems Inc., Monrovia, CA.

A tabletop heat sealer is designed specifically for medical device and pharmaceutical packaging. The Z-Med features a single-sided, aluminum roller shuttle tray with tool-locating pins to utilize quick-change-style seal tools. The standard machine includes controls and components to ensure that validation protocols can be established and seals can be consistent. The 15-TM dual-shuttle heat sealer features a color touch screen that stores data from the previous 25 cycles. The 15-TM is also equipped with pressure and temperature monitors, a scratch-resistant Teflon-coated hot plate, greaseless bearings, a low-pressure shutoff alarm, and a coalescing exhaust filter. Zed Industries Inc., Vandalia, OH.

A tabletop blister sealer has been designed with the entry-level and low-volume manufacturer in mind. The Model AS-1012 has a 10 x 12-in. sealing area and will accept blisters up to 3.25 in. deep. The unit features full controls, including a precision electronic temperature control, a main off/on switch, and an adjustable seal timer. The hot plate is Teflon covered to prevent packaging from sticking. Custom seal tools are available to accommodate customers' specific package designs. Visual Packaging Systems Inc., St-Laurent, QC, Canada.

A continuous dual-heat band sealer handles difficult-to-seal materials. The Model VBS-DH-3/8-10-V is designed for sealing medical devices in pouches. Its temperature, speed, sealing, and cooling-bar pressure can be validated. The unit can seal Tyvek/Mylar, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, laminates, Kraft/polyethylene, and foil. Seals are achieved with special heavy-duty, wear-resistant laminated Teflon bands. All Packaging Machinery Corp., Ronkonkoma, NY.

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